Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Post birthday breakdown

Well hi there. Today was an interesting one. Started off calmly having a lovely lunch with my wee da, moving on to a visit to Anthropologie (tk, I thought of you the whole time I promise!) then on to coffee in St Andrews Square. All lovely. Next though involved watching a cosmetic procedure and listening to to a lecture on the subject. It's best not to ask how I got there, but essentially it was like being in the inner circle of a cult, seeing all the mutual consent that was filtering round the room. I completely support everyone's right to choose. I totally get the desire for advancement and improvement where necessary. But the pseudo science scared me a wee bit. All the discussions were of very early discoveries and the injection of possibly useless or dangerous chemicals. It was all fun. I'm not judging (I'm not! I'm honestly not) Hey, the things I'd do for *insert hot lady's name here* is probably crazy. But I couldn't help but wonder whether any of these procedures would be similar to the old recommendations of doctors back in the day to 'smoke in order to relax when pregnant'.


Love ya!
Fringe x

Happy Leap Day!!!

Happy 29th! Just my finish installation of feb challenge of flicks and will post more later!!! Twas a good wee challenge, but by god working and doing this proved harder than I thought!! So the last pics to take were, my shoes, inside my bathroom cabinet ( totally soulless ) something green, night, something I ate, money and something I am listening to!!! Sink your teeth into these!


AWOL no longer!

Oh man you guys, I have been away for such a long time! Thank bajingus for the topknot. She's ace :) So! News. Ok so I had a happy birthday yesterday. It was lovely but now I feel very old. I had the day off which was nice and then went to my wee tiny grannies. No big loud parties for me any more, I'm now the grand old age of 28! I have though decided that I am having a birthday WEEK. Don't judge. I may be 28 but I'm 12 inside.

So at the moment I'm on the train to Edinburgh to see my ol' da for him to buy me lunch. I have a large coffee because the shop had no medium cups left. Yaaaaas. And I'm listening to the 'how pepper spray works' podcast by stuff you should know. I love that crazy josh and chuck. What else could a lady want?

I'll post again on my way home. For now here's a pic of the gorgeous ring the boy successfully picked up hints about ;)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Blogfest news!

WAAAAA the blog fairies answered my call and my fave person has gone and made a blog, she is the ying to my yang ladies and gentlemen, the foodie to my sweet. Oi its a term ok? and you guys have to follow her, read and learn with me from her beautiful recipes and meals. She just loves cooking and trying out new and wonderful things and theres not a blog I'd love to read more. Always inspired and always on top of it this lady will cook you into oblivion, also, her chat is immense. So what you waiting for? go go go go go....

eat love learn

What you guys thinking? hungry eh? me too, I am away to hers...... * runs *.....

Images lovingly borrowed from pretaporto and googles!

So I was flicking through multiple magazines in work, catching up on the dailies of Hollywood and celeb world ( Newcastle it seems for us here ) and this web site caught my beady beady eye. WARNING IF YOU ARE INDEED SKINT, OF IN NO NEED OF ANY NEW CLOTHES, VINTAGE JEWELLERY OR SHOES, HAVE A TENDENCY TO GO DAFT, REGARDLESS, THEN PLEASE IGNORE THIS LINK AND MOVE ON. Not going to? ah well, I did warn you. Check out Preta Portobello and take part in the hustle bustle of London's famous Portobello market even if you are not there! I have my eye on PPB pastel enamel bangles, Pamela Mann striped tights ( beatlejuice eat your heart out ) and the Jolie Moi skull jumper! don't tell the other half!

Another cool thing that I read was that Revlon have now brought out their new range of scented varnishes and this tickle me somewhat silly. I was an avid lover of scented pens/erasers at school so this is like the Godzilla of all scenty things. They come in Passion Fruit, Orange Pop, Cotton Candy, Sublime Strawberry, Beach and Pretty in Papaya!! I can't decide which one I want!

I also very quickly went to see the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly close starring Tom Hanks, I was taken in from the get go and broke my wee heart pretty much all the way through! go see it and take it for what it is!

Rite, I better boost, got to work! ( boooooo ) but will post soon my Feb challenge pics and hopefully some baking recipes!!!!Plus, best dressed at the Oscars??? I know who I liked!


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Photo challenge catchup!!

Just three instalments of the feb photo challenge and to let you guys know that I have an incredibly itchy left hand ( apparently means monies coming my way??! ) * orders shoes, clothes and Laura Mercier make-ups!!! * and that the cook of my life * makes space for her new blog by throwing out everything * is thinking about doing herself a food blog. This will be a tremendous thing no doubt about it. I'm now just waiting patiently for it to happen : ) ok onwards with the pics!!

Pics are to be, one of handwriting, well I've always admired The Fringes handwriting and her tiny frames with little phrases in them are still my Fave!
The next is to be a self portrait of me however we know THAT'S not going to happen but I'll find my way around it, then a photo of where I work! Fun!


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Moi aussi, je t'aime

So, today was a bit of a kick up the arse you could say, in a gentle manner mind you, from somebody well meaning and who's laugh never fails to tickle me regardless of the reason. Its at these times I always wish I had my besties beside me so that I can vomit and know that they will instantly a) LAUGH hysterically b) hide the vom from onlookers and nosey bastards c) agree that it was indeed reasonable to have done so in the first place. So far i've been sitting alone, sipping on a weak coffee, not wine or a beer, I don't drink, so coffee it is and think to myself, shitfuckshit, I need to turn myself around. I am to be 28 on my next brithday and I basically have only achieved a smidgen of what I wish to achieve. What is it you would like to achieve I hear you say dear? no idea, none, nada, zilch. Thats my problem rite there, girls I know you can sympathise with me. I just know that whatever it is I still have it to give. I am going to provide a bold statement here, but I am going to try to turn myself around somehow in some way by my birthday. The 1st Of June. I shall let you know, when I know, what or how it is. I hope you girlies will help me? good.

Ok, this wee post will be French inspired.So without further wound licking and hollywood fainting, here goes.

Sat and watched The Very Hungry Frenchman with Raymond Blanc and I was in love with the idea let alone the actual series. The french intrigue me, the fashion staggers me and the ideal french country life exudes romance that I just want to bite a peice of, regardless of the sacrifice. I am, after all a ginormous romantic and a sucker for a sexy roll of the rrrrrr and the deep phlem throw of the letters we ourselves take for granted and do not dress up. I also just love Raymond. Judging by the first episode it is going to be full of material and expert tips and hints and take u sthe viewers on a gorgeous road trip around one of the most fascinating countries ever. So that is my latest obsession to date, waaaaaaa, obsession number 365428468052-582. Have a watch and enjoy.Oh by the way the first episode is called I Love You. : )

So this takes me to my next blog thought, which now I am going to call my blots * WAITS FOR APPLAUSE *  at one point in the episode I heard a beautiful peice of music only known as Married Life which you might recognise from the heart breaking/mending film called UP. It suited the episode, the subject and me. It reminds me of myself and my other half. Total ear pleasure if you ask moi. Have an eary.

A recipe that I liked amoung many featured in the first episode was the recipe for Kugelhopf which originted in Austria but is extremly popular and well known to be an Alsace recipe in France. I loved the large decorative cake tins that they bake it in to give it the beautiful angled ridge that its so well known for.I needs to get me one and try to bake me one. Argggh that for brekkie with some fresh cream and jam would be off the scale perfect in the morning. I found a recipe to get us lot started, post me your attempts and I will stick em up on here! Kugelhopf recipe

I came across this charming website for beautiful tins to make these cakes in and many many more variations, they are brass and french antique-esk which I love. They are not cheap, but sooooo worth the investment and would look especially sublime displayed and on show in your kitchen. So please, have a look. I have picked my fave......... The French House

Introduced to Comme De Garcon first of all by my cherished friend Olga I shyed away from the obviously styled clothing and stark interiors of its stores and appreciated it only as a comforting memory of my time in university with a friend I was in awe of and looked up to. Gradually over time I began to appreciate elements of it and also the unique-ness of its approach to anything it desired. Just now I am craving ( is that even a correct term? ) the perfume collection and adore the actual vessels themselves. How many hints shall I drop the the Mr? anyways. I like em.

I fell head over heels in love with this stunning 2012 Paris calender by Melanie Alexandra on Etsy and I just had to share it with you lot. Please please take time to go through her shop. Fall in love and purchase. You will not be disappointed.

As always I am drawn in and away with interiors of homes and shops and work places, I am in constant awe of places that exist in the world and the beauty that they entail. I am very much inspired by french interiors and these are just a few inspirations I have gawked at over the years.

And last but not the very least, Need I say more....????

Eh vwalla, that is where I am at just now. Merci, peace out, love and french kisses.... haw haw haw.


I know I'm behind on photo challenges, I have them I just need to post them, however here is a little 3 fact to blow your hair back.....

In Vietnam, there is a superstition that considers it bad luck to take a photo with three people in it; it is professed that the person in the middle will die soon!!!

Waaaaaa grim eh?

Courtesy of Wiki Wiki Wikipedia!


Sunday, 19 February 2012

when time runs away and all you are left with is memories.

Hello girls I apologise for only posting pics of the February challenge so far, this month has flown away from me and I could not get it back * pulls imaginary rope *. I have lots to talk about so sit back and get comfy, I am a Gemini, talking/typing is my talent. Much to everyones knowledge I am NOT, I repeat NOT at any of the fashion shows either in London or New York. I am very much considering photoshopping myself inbetween Elizabeth Olsen and Lana Del Ray at the Mulberry show JUST to feel a part of it all. I have been kept highly occupied with all the juicy gossip (hate that term) * boaks * the runway shows, fav items via TWITTER and all the celebs attending and what they were wearing also. I have made it my mission to pester Vogue and Vivienne Westwood to hire me ( what would I even do? ) until one of them relents ( Allowing me to make them tea ) or smacks me with a restraining order. I love beautiful imagery, mood boards, outfit collections the whole whack. Is there a job for just getting amazing things together and presenting them beautifully and then adding my opinion on it somewhere? if so, can I get it?

Things I am loving at the mo include, Instagram, Vogue ( never stopped ) twitter, Rodarte, melancholy, reading books, collages and sleeping. You can never have enough sleep. Oh Oh and New Girl with Zooey Deschanel, her hair is magnificent. 

All credit to Vogue for images, Rodarte sand shoe, VW red label, Mulberry green romance and Topshop Unique ensemble, all but a few of my loves!

A friend of mine entered into holy matrimony last week and it was all rather fun with good times to be remembered, one including squeeezing with all my might ( and my friends mother's might ) into a beautiful Sari, note to self, loose that weight * scoffs *. I got beautiful pictures from that and out of it all I only lost one gold shoe. Hmmmmm.

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a friend in work whom I share a love of old films with about those sexy siren actresses from back then and two in particular that dogged our patter. One lady was called Lillian Gish who had tiny size 2 feet and was of the first and most recognised female stars from the beginning when all movies were silent. She looked like a doll no word of a lie. Then there was much chat about Joan Crawford who was outstandingly beautiful but evil to her adopted kids. NUTS! we agreed on one thing, old films had set the standard for high fashion, beauty and triple thretted super stars, we have much to thank them for. 

Left - Joan Crawford, Right - Lillian Gish

I recently noticed a few tutorials for dress making and easy steps to follow to create them. I would love to save for a sewing machine and make all my own fifties inspired dresses and skirts/shirts from thrifted fabrics and amazing colours. The call to Vintage is always there and I so wish I was cash heavy as I would have thee most outstanding wardrobe ever!

Get these amaze patterns at

Watched the September issue of Vogue AGAIN and cannot get out of my head how scary it would be even being a cleaner in those offices. However I would do it. Just to be there.

M.I.A is back with a whopper of a track and her outfits throughout the video had me clapping my hands with pure joy! i love her. 

Ok better get going, up again for work in the morning! oh the joys! someone please rescue me, tell me I dont belong where I am and whisk me to where the things are pretty!


Photo challenge today.. Something I hate doing

Easy, working a long haul shift whilst the sun is splitting the sky outside, cold or not!


Saturday, 18 February 2012

February photo challenge catch up!

It's been so strange this month, looking for photo opportunities everyday and looking for that subject in particular. Makes for an interesting couple of minutes and also the need to actually get it up there for you guys to see. So today I will upload the last three that I have taken but not posted yet, a photo of something new, time and a drink. So without further ado something new is my mums very cool halogen oven, this nifty little machine cooks and bakes and costs you pennies to do so! Plus you can watch as it cooks!! Geeky I know but hey, I love it. Next pic, my time I start at work
which is the actual Bain of me life, the next flick is of juice that I have taken to drinking lately, because sometimes, not very often mind you, I feel posh. Haha!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Three O'clock Club's Youtube channel....

We girls here at the Three O'Clock club have decided to bring the love in another way and collect all our fav craft, beauty, music, film and anything we heart videos on our very own Youtube channel. Get along and follow us and find your likes within the channel. Its brand new but we are on it and will add and add again and again to bring you a bubble of amaze from folk all over the world doing amazing stuffs!


Follow us!!There is also a linkage to the channel at the side, via Sites we Heart!

Feel free also to message or comment us with ideas on playlists you would like to see?!!! one of us guys will be happy to make it up if we get enough demand for the one topic!!


Feb photo challenge today isssss, a phone!

And this is my fave part of my living room!!!!!!!

My wee Angela Landsbury, I pretend I AM her, solving a murder whilst applying my orange lippy!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

February photo challenge 12,13 AND 14!

I know, I know, it's been so busy and my heads been pretty much all over the place, including my hair!! It's actually RAJ these days! So the photo challenges were, one of inside my closet ( a pure tip and clothes missing ) please someone rejigger and revamp it please????? Of something blue and of a heart as after all it is valentines day!!!! Happy valentines lovers!!!!!! So here are my inputs! And Have a grand day!
My blue dishes = a charity buy, the whole lot for 2 of my golden coins!! And the heart was made from two hands and we noticed afterwards that we had by chance framed an old boys head rite in it!!!! Loved it even more after that!


Saturday, 11 February 2012

February photo challenge day 10+11 self portrait!

I know I'm late with this one, it should of been yesterday however I did take the flick on the day it was due to be blogged! Self portrait was the aim and I opted for a representation of me, myself and Irene rather than a pic of the ole coupon here, as I am the bashful type you see! The ME is on the left handside of the image, decipher it as you please, I'll leave no explanation on it atall! Today's challenge is to be something that makes me happy. So, that will come later as I haven't quite devised which ONE photo I could take to represent that!

The photo that makes me happy is one that I took waaaaaaaay back at the trade show for the home show exhibition. Everything that this little unit shows are things that sing to me when I see them. I imagine my life with these things, and myself having them. An interior as homely and charming as this, makes me really happy and eager to achieve. So there you go. Challenge 11 for today!!!!

Catch you!


Friday, 10 February 2012

catch up!!

Sorry chaps, I have been super busy! So just a quick photo challenge catch up...

My view today...

This puppy is all up in my grill. She likes complete and total attention and affection and I spoil her completely. Good job she's gorgeous eh?


Think you're getting a tasty dinner in a cool wee independent Glasgow restaurant? Think again chica!


Nuff said, you've seen these bad boys


The time I turn the sign to open in my lovely wee job.

Laters chaps, I'm off to walk the pup. And get my fringe cut! Got to live up to the name ;)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

February photo challenge day 9, a front door!

I took this photo an age ago as I loved the colour of the front door standing out amongst all the driech drab greyness that Scotland has at times! Note to you guys! I've been slacking girls and promise to pick the pace up of the blog festing!!!!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February photo challenge day 8, the sun!

Well, it's not been the sunniest daus in ole Glasgow, so I decided to wait it out just incase the sun going down was better. I then noticed out the back of my house that the sky had turned a gorgeous amber hue and was sending pretty rainbow-esq light into my living room. Perfect for a wee flick so I snapped it quick before it disappeared!!! Look see!


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February photo challenge 7, buttons!

Vintage buttons, because I'm obsessed, suprise suprise!

Love Cilla Black

Day 6 of February photo challenge... Dinner!

Well, as I was out for dinner last night and didn't get in till the wee hours of the morning, I didn't have time to post my day 6 picture challenge which was a photo of dinner!

A friend is getting married and it was her celebration party last night which had the theme of purple! It was fantastic! Dinner was amazing and the dessert was of course purple sweet rice! Impressed!! So I took two quick pics of those....


Monday, 6 February 2012

I may have already mentioned this...

But I LOVE M.I.A to France and back, and I bloody love French people too! Her new single Bad Girls is on repeat at home and sets me in the party zone. Love her style and confident approach towards makeup and video visuals, she just hits all the rite notes for me! Her performance on the Superbowl last night was face melting too, I'm away to grab myself some hold Pom pom's!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Threeeeee, is the magic number!!!

Probably should of started this long ago, but heck, I forget things sometimes and this was an example of that! A couple of facts today concerning the number 3 aaaaare :

In Greek mythology you will find Cerberus, a three-headed dog, and Scylla, a sea monster with six heads. It is curious that mythological heads are inclined to come in multiples of three.

Any colour can be mixed from just 3 primary colours.

Oaths are traditionally repeated 3 times.

And on a personal note I know it takes me 3 try's of jam on toast before I admit defeat and opt for just butter instead.


Day 5 of photo Challenge.... 10am

Well 10am looks like this for me really, every Sunday does, so this was an easy flick to take! Note to everyone, I am SO grumpy this morning, but a tasty coffee always helps with this.

Have a gorgeous Sunday you guys!


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 4 of photo challenge! A stranger....

I decided not to stalk some poor soul on the streets for a picture for today's challenge and in Glasgow taking pictures of people you don't know may result in a big juicy black eye. So I went through all my old photos and there's one that I always stop at and study. It's a picture of my great grandad and my dad on my parents wedding day and it always amazes me how this person is a stranger to me yet, a blood relative. I wish I had known him. So that is my photo for today. My great grandad!


Friday, 3 February 2012

Jean Paul Gautier and Amy Whinehouse...

Reading all the latest press on Jean Paul Gautier's tribute and latest inspired collection taken from none other than the late Amy Whinehouse, I was met with mixed feelings myself and still do not know whether it was a premature salute to her larger than life presence, or a ' jumping on the band wagon ' too much too soon effort. I do however understand that people leaving her a tribute of any kind will be that in which the person knows best to do and can offer at the time, so is it odd for a famous fashion designer to put his grief into his clothing designs as would a singer to a song?. I do understand the families upset at her look being brandished as cool when they felt she was not looking her best in her last couple of years and therefor this is simply another painful reminder which is too early for them to take in. Gautier responded with this quote which shows no sign of backing down from his decision to run this collection down the catwalk this year :  But Gaultier stands by his intentions: 'She was an icon of fashion and truly, the sense of how she mixed the clothes - it was great,' he said after Wednesday's show. 'It is very joyous. -
Either way and whatever you think both Gautier and Amy are legends in their own rites, it is just a huge sin that Amy couldnt work with him whilst being alive.



Day 3 February challenge, hands!!

I think I am sooooo funny!!