Thursday, 23 February 2012

Moi aussi, je t'aime

So, today was a bit of a kick up the arse you could say, in a gentle manner mind you, from somebody well meaning and who's laugh never fails to tickle me regardless of the reason. Its at these times I always wish I had my besties beside me so that I can vomit and know that they will instantly a) LAUGH hysterically b) hide the vom from onlookers and nosey bastards c) agree that it was indeed reasonable to have done so in the first place. So far i've been sitting alone, sipping on a weak coffee, not wine or a beer, I don't drink, so coffee it is and think to myself, shitfuckshit, I need to turn myself around. I am to be 28 on my next brithday and I basically have only achieved a smidgen of what I wish to achieve. What is it you would like to achieve I hear you say dear? no idea, none, nada, zilch. Thats my problem rite there, girls I know you can sympathise with me. I just know that whatever it is I still have it to give. I am going to provide a bold statement here, but I am going to try to turn myself around somehow in some way by my birthday. The 1st Of June. I shall let you know, when I know, what or how it is. I hope you girlies will help me? good.

Ok, this wee post will be French inspired.So without further wound licking and hollywood fainting, here goes.

Sat and watched The Very Hungry Frenchman with Raymond Blanc and I was in love with the idea let alone the actual series. The french intrigue me, the fashion staggers me and the ideal french country life exudes romance that I just want to bite a peice of, regardless of the sacrifice. I am, after all a ginormous romantic and a sucker for a sexy roll of the rrrrrr and the deep phlem throw of the letters we ourselves take for granted and do not dress up. I also just love Raymond. Judging by the first episode it is going to be full of material and expert tips and hints and take u sthe viewers on a gorgeous road trip around one of the most fascinating countries ever. So that is my latest obsession to date, waaaaaaa, obsession number 365428468052-582. Have a watch and enjoy.Oh by the way the first episode is called I Love You. : )

So this takes me to my next blog thought, which now I am going to call my blots * WAITS FOR APPLAUSE *  at one point in the episode I heard a beautiful peice of music only known as Married Life which you might recognise from the heart breaking/mending film called UP. It suited the episode, the subject and me. It reminds me of myself and my other half. Total ear pleasure if you ask moi. Have an eary.

A recipe that I liked amoung many featured in the first episode was the recipe for Kugelhopf which originted in Austria but is extremly popular and well known to be an Alsace recipe in France. I loved the large decorative cake tins that they bake it in to give it the beautiful angled ridge that its so well known for.I needs to get me one and try to bake me one. Argggh that for brekkie with some fresh cream and jam would be off the scale perfect in the morning. I found a recipe to get us lot started, post me your attempts and I will stick em up on here! Kugelhopf recipe

I came across this charming website for beautiful tins to make these cakes in and many many more variations, they are brass and french antique-esk which I love. They are not cheap, but sooooo worth the investment and would look especially sublime displayed and on show in your kitchen. So please, have a look. I have picked my fave......... The French House

Introduced to Comme De Garcon first of all by my cherished friend Olga I shyed away from the obviously styled clothing and stark interiors of its stores and appreciated it only as a comforting memory of my time in university with a friend I was in awe of and looked up to. Gradually over time I began to appreciate elements of it and also the unique-ness of its approach to anything it desired. Just now I am craving ( is that even a correct term? ) the perfume collection and adore the actual vessels themselves. How many hints shall I drop the the Mr? anyways. I like em.

I fell head over heels in love with this stunning 2012 Paris calender by Melanie Alexandra on Etsy and I just had to share it with you lot. Please please take time to go through her shop. Fall in love and purchase. You will not be disappointed.

As always I am drawn in and away with interiors of homes and shops and work places, I am in constant awe of places that exist in the world and the beauty that they entail. I am very much inspired by french interiors and these are just a few inspirations I have gawked at over the years.

And last but not the very least, Need I say more....????

Eh vwalla, that is where I am at just now. Merci, peace out, love and french kisses.... haw haw haw.

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