Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Post birthday breakdown

Well hi there. Today was an interesting one. Started off calmly having a lovely lunch with my wee da, moving on to a visit to Anthropologie (tk, I thought of you the whole time I promise!) then on to coffee in St Andrews Square. All lovely. Next though involved watching a cosmetic procedure and listening to to a lecture on the subject. It's best not to ask how I got there, but essentially it was like being in the inner circle of a cult, seeing all the mutual consent that was filtering round the room. I completely support everyone's right to choose. I totally get the desire for advancement and improvement where necessary. But the pseudo science scared me a wee bit. All the discussions were of very early discoveries and the injection of possibly useless or dangerous chemicals. It was all fun. I'm not judging (I'm not! I'm honestly not) Hey, the things I'd do for *insert hot lady's name here* is probably crazy. But I couldn't help but wonder whether any of these procedures would be similar to the old recommendations of doctors back in the day to 'smoke in order to relax when pregnant'.


Love ya!
Fringe x

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