Monday, 27 February 2012

Blogfest news!

WAAAAA the blog fairies answered my call and my fave person has gone and made a blog, she is the ying to my yang ladies and gentlemen, the foodie to my sweet. Oi its a term ok? and you guys have to follow her, read and learn with me from her beautiful recipes and meals. She just loves cooking and trying out new and wonderful things and theres not a blog I'd love to read more. Always inspired and always on top of it this lady will cook you into oblivion, also, her chat is immense. So what you waiting for? go go go go go....

eat love learn

What you guys thinking? hungry eh? me too, I am away to hers...... * runs *.....

Images lovingly borrowed from pretaporto and googles!

So I was flicking through multiple magazines in work, catching up on the dailies of Hollywood and celeb world ( Newcastle it seems for us here ) and this web site caught my beady beady eye. WARNING IF YOU ARE INDEED SKINT, OF IN NO NEED OF ANY NEW CLOTHES, VINTAGE JEWELLERY OR SHOES, HAVE A TENDENCY TO GO DAFT, REGARDLESS, THEN PLEASE IGNORE THIS LINK AND MOVE ON. Not going to? ah well, I did warn you. Check out Preta Portobello and take part in the hustle bustle of London's famous Portobello market even if you are not there! I have my eye on PPB pastel enamel bangles, Pamela Mann striped tights ( beatlejuice eat your heart out ) and the Jolie Moi skull jumper! don't tell the other half!

Another cool thing that I read was that Revlon have now brought out their new range of scented varnishes and this tickle me somewhat silly. I was an avid lover of scented pens/erasers at school so this is like the Godzilla of all scenty things. They come in Passion Fruit, Orange Pop, Cotton Candy, Sublime Strawberry, Beach and Pretty in Papaya!! I can't decide which one I want!

I also very quickly went to see the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly close starring Tom Hanks, I was taken in from the get go and broke my wee heart pretty much all the way through! go see it and take it for what it is!

Rite, I better boost, got to work! ( boooooo ) but will post soon my Feb challenge pics and hopefully some baking recipes!!!!Plus, best dressed at the Oscars??? I know who I liked!


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  1. Thankyou so much for the big ups Fabulous Baker Girl. Hearting the smelly varnish, let's go