Friday, 3 February 2012

Jean Paul Gautier and Amy Whinehouse...

Reading all the latest press on Jean Paul Gautier's tribute and latest inspired collection taken from none other than the late Amy Whinehouse, I was met with mixed feelings myself and still do not know whether it was a premature salute to her larger than life presence, or a ' jumping on the band wagon ' too much too soon effort. I do however understand that people leaving her a tribute of any kind will be that in which the person knows best to do and can offer at the time, so is it odd for a famous fashion designer to put his grief into his clothing designs as would a singer to a song?. I do understand the families upset at her look being brandished as cool when they felt she was not looking her best in her last couple of years and therefor this is simply another painful reminder which is too early for them to take in. Gautier responded with this quote which shows no sign of backing down from his decision to run this collection down the catwalk this year :  But Gaultier stands by his intentions: 'She was an icon of fashion and truly, the sense of how she mixed the clothes - it was great,' he said after Wednesday's show. 'It is very joyous. -
Either way and whatever you think both Gautier and Amy are legends in their own rites, it is just a huge sin that Amy couldnt work with him whilst being alive.



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