Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy as a lamb

Well hello my gorgeous ladies. What a lovely day. Today I am in work, but an hour early hence this chat we're having. I'm sitting sipping my red pepper and raspberry smoothie and reading my book. Good times. Tonight if my other half isn't out climbing I shall go and buy curtains. Ah the simple pleasures. Big smiles from me today. Hope you are all fabulous.

Peace out.

Fringemeister xxxx

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Topknot loves!

Ok girls, this is what I am saving my pennies up for next. They are expensive but if it works I will be best pleased! Ok first pound has been put aside!!



Saturday, 29 October 2011

Topknot & old film

Ok girls, I have been kindly loaned these old school classics ( I hate that term but it's true ) and I have been told great things about them. It is time for a duvet/sweeties/hot tea/old film night, what do you guys think? I am also going to post reviews on the movies also, so everyone can get a copy for their collection!

Top knight

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hello ello ello,

Ok so lately I have been preoccupied and generally not that busy doing much but busy anyway, doesn't that sound crap? I am also addicted to Kid in a Candy store and have a million episodes taped! It made me realise that it is such a shame that Glasgow doesn't have the same culture around food. It would be top if Glasgow had a wee shop solely for exploring the wonders of say, marshmallows, like Posh Puffs in the states, or a cafe dedicated only to donuts! I would LOVE that, would you guys?

Oh and a lovely friend brought me back gorgeous bracelets from Ocean Drive In Miami which I adore! and I got rings from H&M for 50p on sale and it's like I've won the lottery!

I have also been baking alot and last night made some empire biscuits for a charity fundraiser in work so I will post the recipe later on tonight as it is dead easy.

Fringe, I'm not the best with makeup however I have a few peices I have stuck by and ones that I've heard are particularly good. I have Benefits One Hot Minute and it's lasted two years and still going strong, it is great under makeup as a base, over foundation as a powder which is so svelte and poise looking, or a blush for the cheeks. The illuminating particles in the powder are so subtle but, definitely make a difference to your overall complexion. I put it on as an all over pick me up as I I don't really wear makeup everyday and it's a great wee bronzer for the neck. So that's my input. While you were being interviewed Bow and i visited the Benifit counter and were told all about the brand new Mascara ' They're Real ' and how it took them 4 years to develop. The sales assistant herself had on the mascara and I have to admit her lashes looked brilliant. She explained how the wand not only had the main brush for the most part, but the small ball at the end to capture the small lashes at the corners of the eye also. Now, if only I had £18 for the bloody tube I'd of bought it! So that's my wee makeup input for just now.

Ok I will get back on later with a craft and a recipe!!!!



Right FINE! I'll admit it. I didn't even make it 48 hours through the detox. The reason was twofold. First, the soup I made was just crap. Not rank, just tasteless. Second, I was told I had to eat dinner at my grans. I thought I had a clear few days to do it. So I thought, ach, I may as well stop now. Throw a few Oreos down my neck (sorry mr f, they were yours-I don't even like them) and I had a bowl of soup. It was amazing. But do you want to know the worst thing? I went to my grans and she fed me curried parsnip soup! I would still have been on track! So today I feel bloated as hell. The reason I'm telling you all this is I know that in 48 hours I'm going to be in that place again. And I must remember this boo hiss feeling. Here we go again! Xxx

Bad fringe. X

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Ok girlie pops. I need some new make up. I don't want to go straight for the ol' 'I only get this in my christmas stocking' Chanel or Lancôme but I need something decent. I've got a
Nice wee compact but it's drying out my skin. Not good for thee old wrinkles. Any tips? I also need an easy to put on but won't just smudge right off

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Topknot & Sultana Loaf.

Hello my lovely people,

Smashing little day today and some oh so tasty soup from The Fringe! a catch up and a gander round the shops which was finished off by some baking and making as the night simmered to a slow. I am exhausted and the best of it is, I never did anything! Today was solely for relaxing and leisure which is just how I like it! Anyhoooo, the other half likes his dried fruits and christmas puddings and cakes along those types of tastes, so I decieded to make him a lovely Sultana Loaf and here is how I did it. Also on my adventures with the fringe and bow I got myself amazing gel dyes for my baking which I am chuffed about, so watch this space for some of that fun also!

OK!!! Sultana cake......

First, Fringe that green juice you gave me? it is going down relatively well and I will keep you guys posted with what happens to me, be it good or bad. Anything embarrassing though and am texting you two to come and get me! Also Bow? bloody hell with that link below, even though you told me about it, I still can't go for a shower till the Mr gets in! oh the loaf...

Already christened my new British Bake Off book girls, dropped a massive dollop of the loaf mixture onto the page!! argh! oh, thankyou Mr T for thon purchase of said book. Hope you guy's likey. I shall let you know how it tastes!

Fringe, stop doing healthy stuff, it makes me feel terrible tucking into this! * eats herself into oblivion *.....


Detox vs fringe. Who wins? You decide

Well, it seems I have begun. For my dinner I had a puréed soup of broccoli, beetroot, cauliflower, carrot and sweet potato. Yeah, nice. I'd be happy with that normally. Problem was, no salt, no stock. Yum. It doesn't taste bad, it just doesn't really taste. Oh yeah, and that was all washed down with my tasty green drink. Mmmmm. You know that point you reach when you're not hungry but you keep going anyway because it's tasty goodness? I defy anyone to keep eating this soup past a hunger point. Your brain just isn't sending any signals to say that you should keep going. Half a bowl went back in the pot. No sugar, no salt, alcohol, no badness shall pass my lips for 48 hours. Wish me luck! Xx

Creepiest Thing Ever!

Girls I had to share this with you, not sure if you've seen it yet! It really creeped me out...

Bow xx

Monday, 24 October 2011

Topknot & the baddies!

Girls, these demons keep calling me!

Bad Topknot x

MacGregor Despite Them

Hi ladies, Bow here! I just love having so many posts to read when I come on here - I feel an obsession starting....

I always worry that I'll miss something in my reply, apologies if I do but there's just so much going on I don't know where to start! 

Loving all the photo inspiration recently, I'm feeling inspired just by looking over them.  Fringey, the prospect of a sewing machine is like a dream come true, I only hope you have some idea how to use it.  I've always wanted to be able to make my own clothes using vintage patterns.  Imagine being able to make this dress in any fabric you like! I feel some charity shop fabric shopping coming on!  I'm not sure how excited I am about the green juice cunningly disguised in a cider bottle though, although I'll try anything once so hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised! Why is it that so many things that are good for you (e.g. green cucumber juice) taste nowhere near as good as things that are bad for you (e.g. Peanut M&M's)? Looking forward to hearing about your detox, and maybe trying it for myself! 

Topknot all of your blog recommendations have been fabby!  I am loving the Olsens, I really admire their style, they often push the boundaries and I salute them for it!  Especially loving the tie-dye hair idea, will definitely be giving that a shot when mine washes out a bit.  Which reminds me, last night I went over my hair again with my budget hair dye and now have much more purple hair.  I LOVE it but better half is taking a while getting used to it.  The only word he has used to describe it so far is 'mental'.  :)

I've had a day off today and for the first time in ages better half had the day off too - no Monday blues for us!  We went a drive with the dog and I wanted to share some of my photos with you as I saw so many beautiful things along the way! Our drive started off driving along the West of Loch Lomond, stopping for coffee at Ardlui, and then headed towards Loch Katrine.  We visited Balquhidder - the wee tiny village where Rob Roy is buried.  It is a beautiful place and I loved walking around reading the gravestones.  The epitaph on the gravestone made me smile, it's so defiant and like a final UP YE (or up yours for our non-Scots readers :p) from the grave.

A cave in the middle of a field
MacGregor Despite Them

Rob Roy MacGregor is buried between his wife
and his two sons

The old kirk

The new kirk - so pretty!

Peat bog nature reserve

Mud and peat splattered legs and Uggs!

Another day off tomorrow, looking forward to seeing you girls in the flesh.  But for now it's 01:38 and so to bed, sweet dreams all! 

Bow x

The fringe's bad before the good

Ok. I can't believe I'm telling you this. I don't know how I feel about it myself. But lately I've been hugely interested in natural Skincare and the bad things that we find ourself accidentally putting into our blood stream through our pores. That's a story for another day. Today I'm going to talk about detoxing. And the fact that I can't believe it but I'm going to try and do it. Now I'll start with 2 days and extend it if I can. I'm already vegetarian do really what it involves is turning the (super healthy) versions of the things I would normally eat into juices and soups, but minus the salt and nice things like potatoes.

But before this calm there is a storm. In the form of eating all the crap in the fridge first....

Yup, first we ate korma, rice, pakora AND pizza. Boke eh? I know, I feel sick. But after comes super fresh colourful veg and a green drink I've just made and will be feeding to the girls tomorrow...:)

Watch this space crazy

Fringe's call to craft!

Ok girls. Both a challenge and a call for help. I have 'acquired' a new sewing machine. Yes, I know I'm
TERRIBLE with things like that, but I want to make some things. Now...the reason for this, as well as the reason for my really awful cooking is my slap
dash attitude to creation. This must end. You must help. I want to go on a cooking course, or I want us to create our own. We can show our favourite recipes and how to make them, and you can force me to adequately prepare for activities of the creating kind and not just slap paint on things that blatantly need sanded, or drown /starve my plants (sometimes simultaneously) I need structure and rules and guidance!!!!!


Topknots Outfit Inspiration

Hey you guys, just an image borrowed from one of my favourite blogs called Olsens Anonymous and I LOVE it. So this is my pick for today's outfit inspiration and I hope you guys agree with me! Have a look!

Ashley Olsen rocks this wee outfit.

No need for brand names to make this one work!

What do you think guys? sleek?
Muchos Loves, Topknot xxxx

Topknots TA!

Hey guys! Bow I came across this wee idea for candy apples and thought of your wee face!could be a quick one if you're after making lots for the trick or treaters!!!! Also I pure do not have an electric turkey carver, but by the looks of your Jack skeleton from last year, you don't even need one!

.Love these Aipples.


Topknot loves x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Topknot Sunday!!

Hello girlies!

Wow what a day so far, it's been so busy in here today my head is fit to burst rite off my neck and try desperately to roll to a quieter place. Off for a 15 minute breather however I'm not sure if that will be enough, why don't people stay in and relax on a Sunday? Instead of banjo'ing eachother with dog leads and all other unconventional types of weapons? Anyhow, Fringe, Yay!! to Monsoon interview that's fantastic and judging by your product teaser pics I will be straight over for some stationary fun. Do not worry about the other day, we are all prone to a commando roll or two from time to time and at least you had a dog! Mine tend to be lonely ventures where I wish I had a wee buddy to share my embarrassment with!

Loving the hair Bow, I adore thon pastel colours in hair, it reminds me of my dolls head I had when I was younger, that I could turn her hair to blues and pinks and crimp it also! Saw an image and thought it was beautiful when you posted about your violet locks, Bow you might like it.

Been looking for costume ideas and generally been feeling inspired by pictures, ideas and of course you guys's postings! So I might just image drop to create a little thought trail of where I've been throughout this morning till now. In my mind/interweb that is, as my body is prisoner to the office * weeps dramatically *.

Hope you enjoy image fun ladies!
Topknot tires on

Sunday Bow

Fringey, I'm glad your weekend is looking up after fudgetastic Friday! I felt so sorry reading that post, although I totally giggled a bit! At least you had Zebby for company - man's best friend indeed!

Great news Re Monsoon interview - superstition, supersmischen! Loving your inspiration pictures so much, although I will need to go in for a look as I happen to know Monsoon offers a very generous friends and family discount... So, you know, don't forget your friends if you get it!

I'm far too early for work (stupid Sunday bus service) so I'm relaxing in Starbucks reading a rather smashing book - The Constant Gardener - I picked it up at a book exchange the other day and have really enjoyed it so far. I'm sure I saw the movie of it a while back, will need to re-watch when I've finished the book.

In some equally exciting news, last night I tried to dye my hair pastel-violet. I am loving the colours that have come out but it hasn't stuck to all of my hair so it's more like violet highlights, one more go tonight should do the trick! I'm not sure how well it will show up in the pictures, but it is very difficult to take a picture of your own not-so-long hair!

Knot, I am loving those candy apples! I totally agree with Marilena from Greece, they are just like Disneyland apples! I wonder what kind of caramels you could melt down, Werther's Originals? Tomorrow I'm hoping to go a visit to Costco to buy some giant pumpkins and sweets for Hallowe'en so I'll check out the caramels too!

Wow, just realised I've managed to pass half an hour blogging and it's nearly time for work! See you girls later,

Pastel-Violet Bow xxx

Muchos excited fringe

Ok. As Mr F has been very worried about me over the last day and keeps reminding me to 'not count my eggs till they're in the pudding' I need to stop talking to him and let him read his book and talk to you instead. See my problem is, and always has been that more than anything, it's the eggs I get excited about. The mere idea of the pudding...Yeah I'm not making any sense yet. I have a job interview with Monsoon on Tuesday. I've said it. I can't believe I've said it because normally I'm a superstitious don't tell person. But life's too short and I'm excited about the interview never mind the job. But girls, get this. The have a home department! And stationery!!!

For now heres some home accessories snapshots to get us all hoping and wishing for good things! *fingers and toes and everything in between crossed*

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fringeafreakin day

For frickinmcgickin what a blumminmcblummin day. I'll tell you a story. Dad visiting. Dads a big walker. So me and the pup went for a pre walk walk before he got there, get all the crazy out of the dog before father got involved. He's a real stickler for absolute obedience with dogs (he forgets that we used to have two crazy mental labradors...). So the real walk eventually begins (after a pre walk coffee of course) and I have planned a nice route through my local park. I have taken to walking for hours a day at the moment, I don't expect I'll keep it up forever but I'll make the most of it while I can be bothered. Long story short Dad crashed and had a sugar low. I was 30 minutes into a circular track but stupidly told him to wait on a bench and I'd go get him something. It'd be an hour before I could bring him anything. What did I do? Yup, shortcut. Through the woods. Rambo style. Mud up to my knees. Lost a boot at one point. Zeb was a star, sniffing ahead, finding where to go, when out of the corner of my eye I saw cars, a car park! There must be something here. I saw a crowd of people and ran towards them to ask where the nearest shop was. Judging by my thinking cap I figured it was the school I knew we were near, but it was the October holidays, and everyone was dressed in black...hmmm, maybe I'll go this way. Three no dogs signs later and I was stuck on a circular path, in the middle of a crematorium, with four hearses coming one way and a group of mourners lining the path in the other direction. Argh!! I ran past the crowd and hoped people didn't think I was being disrespectful. I think instead they saw a crazy lost girl with a wee well behaved dog who didn't mean any harm. Maybe they had a wee laugh? I ask too much, I know. Out of the graveyard and into an industrial estate where we bolted to a wee makeshift shop, grabbed juice, crisps and a twix. RAN all the way back, trying to avoid the graveyard, instead ended up in the middle of the golf course where we slipped and slid in the rain with no means of escape! Luckily noone was playing. Remember that long story short? Dad had only waited 5 minutes and left. And he has been warned NEVER to leave the house without a cheeky chocolate bar in his pocket again...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Bow's Hallowe'en

Wow Knot, awesome pumpkinspiration! I aim to at least have one this year which will be half as good as one of those - do you happen to have a turkey cutter I can borrow? Here's my pumpkin from last year - Jack Skellington - those teeth were not easy with a giant blunt kitchen knife.

Here's a link to the nail polish I'm in love with, they are so cute and I'm a sucker for a gimmick! 

Fringe, the cupcake class was smashing - if your cushions turn out as good as your cupcakes then Mr Fringe will be a happy bunny! I'm not sure whose these are but they were just so pretty! 

And back to Hallowe'en - a much under celebrated holiday in the UK.  I'd love to do it USA style, those guys know how to celebrate a holiday!  This year I want to make loads of pumpkins for the front step and make candy apples to give out to the trick-or-treaters... that's the plan anyway! With that in mind, I decided to have a trial run of the candy apples, and just as well! 

Of course this was a spur of the moment idea at about 9.30pm on a rainy night, involving a bike ride on flat tyres to get vinegar and food coloring before I was all set to go.  The only thing I was missing was a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature (note to self, buy one of these).  It's a pretty simple recipe which can be found here here.  

I followed all the steps and was feeling pretty smug about how well it was going - the kitchen was filled with the aroma of sweet toffee and so far everything was going to plan.  It takes ages for the recipe to start looking like toffee and not like brown water!  And here's where it all went wrong!  In my smugness, whizzing around the kitchen with my spotty apron on, I grabbed the food coloring and free-poured it straight into the pan... it was blue.  Not shiny red like on youtube, more greeny-blue bubbling potion that the Evil Queen would be proud of. 

A poison apple, sleeping death? Perfect!

Yeah I agree, not the tastiest looking concoction.  This is the really tricky part though, after a google search I had found some tips for how to know if your mixture is ready without a thermometer - apparently dropping some mixture into cold water will let you know, if it goes hard and toffee-like, its ready.  

Spot the difference?

As i found out - not so! The mixture dripped straight off the apples and formed a lovely mess on the baking paper which never dried hard and shiny but stayed a goopy mess for three days.  This didn't stop my better half from eating one of course, his verdict being that it tasted nice but he couldn't look at it when he ate it.  

Some spooky cupcakes too! Made from a kit though
so doesn't count!

So that would be my Hallowe'en adventures so far! Any tips on how to make some appetizing candy apples (other than not using blue coloring?) And what ideas do we have for costumes this year?