Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Meet coco!!!

I would like to introduce you officially to the newest member of...well. The new puppy. She's not mine, but my yeah, mine ;)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Things I'm hearting

Well yes. I am in work. But here is a world of heartiness. And hearting I am...


Fun times pizza times

Hi you crazy guys.

Today I am mostly being excited about tomorrow. I know that's not necessarily the best way to go about life, but give me a minute, I think you'll understand. Tomorrow I will finish work at four. Then. There will be pizza. I know!! Mazeballs eh?

For reasons v annoying and typical of my Mr Magoo style life there will also be a bottle of bubbly champagne in my bag. The reason? The bloody exhaust fell clean off the car last night. Bloody!!!!!!! So seeing as I can no longer drive to the pizza party I may as well take a wee bubbly bottle of bubbles eh?

Don't worry. There will also be shloer. We love that. Or pink lemonade maybe. And the boy will *fingers crossed, twirl around, make a wish* have the car ready in time to pick us all up again!!! F x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Just a little look through Company magazine

aaaaaaand got lots of picks and wants and loves, however this specific page made me jump up and yell Yahoo!!! I Hope you lot agree??!?!??


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wantings and wantings...

Snaps I have taken from magazines that I am wanting and thought you might like to see...x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Take A Chance

Always forget until reminded how amazing Chanel Chance is! Oh my Lordy lord it is one of the most exquisite scents I have ever had the pleasure of owning!! Reminds me of my wedding day! Love it!


Monday, 9 April 2012

A few things on my mind.....

Woaaaaaah a crazy last three or so weeks, my other half's new business took over my whole being and I became so bossy I barely recognised myself. Sorry for my mince posts and non communicative ways, however I see you were left in the very capable hands of Fringey, so I'm not ALL that sorry about it! So much has passed my face that I wanted to blog about that I kind of feel deflated as the topics seem old and useless. Read a fantastic post by a wonderful blogger called Mandy and her blog Miss Indie has along with others inspired this one. This post in particular spoke to myself in many ways and she spoke about feeling completely overwhelmed and lost within the blogging community! it is indeed really true. I am often saying to my husband, 'yeah but how do they do it? I now don't mind, I just want to blog, and if anybody wants to read, then FANTASTIC, because us girls here at the Three O'clock Club have allot to say.

Ok.Been totally in love with The Little Paris Kitchen with Rachel Khoo and if you have been watching it then you will know why! Studying to become a chef in Paris this gorgeous lady now runs the smallest restaurant ever in her own Parisian home which only sits all of a 2 people at a time. She takes the scary out of French cooking, which for me is MASSIVE. With her tiny kitchen and red lippy, this British born lass waves the flag for us women high and proud as another talented being on this here very planet! Check her out!

With the tease of some great weather there, I started fantasising about the garden that I am going to have one day and the parties I'd have in it more importantly so I am constantly gathering inspiration and ideas from other blogs, shops and Pinterest. I am also as of tomorrow aff the fizzy drinks or anything atall gassy/fatty. Water and green tea it is, as I am beginning a well needed cleanse and diet. I am now looking up gorgeous home made juice recipes and even more gorgeous ways to serve them, even if it is just for myself. I came across this brilliant blog The Idea Room and found a great recipe for lemonade and also for the way these drinks are served! 

Ok here is a stunning garden party image I came across on Pinterest (thankyou Pinterest users and crafty folk around the WORLD) there are so many inspiring ways to enjoy a great wee garden party, if the weather ever decides to return to us!

This image I came across just stunned me its so beautiful, and of course I came across it on Pinterest, it features (Karlie Kloss in Givenchy Haute Couture A/W 2012) and is wow! 

Ok before I shoot off, or shoot my other half ( har har ) I would like to share a fantastic musician/film maker, that frequents my work place. God only knows why as this guy has talent coming out of his ears!I could literally gush all about his achievements but to save myself the hour or so i'd need to list them all I will simply post the link to his website and give you his name. He goes by Adam Stafford.Please listen to his beautiful album!  WiseBlood Industries 

Better go, will start to write down all I want to blog, save me getting to finally do it and forgetting. Much love and peace.


Note to self

NEVER go to sleep wearing eye make up. I wasn't even that tired last night but for some reason I didn't take my make up off. Why?! Now my eyes are so puffy!!! Booooo!!!!!!!! Fx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Camping times!

Last weekend I slept wearing tights, socks, jammie bottoms, a vest, t-shirt, long sleeved jammie top, hoodie and a hat. No, the heating wasn't broken again (we have an electric blanket for that) I was camping. Voluntarily. Check out how ace it was!

P.S, yes, I did struggle a bit with the confined space (I'm a super fidgety sleeper and can't remember the last time I fell asleep without reading. Yey for kindle) I got panicky in the sleeping back when I coudn't move enough.

So, anyhoo. We went to a lovely wee campsite in Killin and then spent the day in the wee town. It's gorgeous there. Lunch overlooking Loch Lomond, a wee jaunt rount Luss and home. Lush.

Dinner spot for fish and chiiiiiips

Breakfast in a tent!

Campsite View

The gorgeous falls at Killin

Coffee Break!

Is there a better spot to eat lunch in the WORLD?!

Over and out chaps. Bye!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Back to baking!

As soon as I get a few minutes to myself that's not work involved I totally want to get back to my baking. I miss it so much! Inspired by everything around me I was given a gentle nudge in a very special way by a gorgeous gift from the other half! Love it!!!



Sunday, 1 April 2012

Suntime adventures!

Me and oh la a had a fun adventure in the sun in GLASGOW in MARCH!

Starting with a walk to Queen's park we accidentally wandered towards Tapa (it's amazing how quickly we managed to convince ourselves we were hungry) and enjoyed a tasty bowl of parnsip soup for me and french onion for the other yin. After each was washed down with a tasty cappucino we went on our merry way.

More walking, a seat in the park, setting the world to rights and then home. Phew! Oh and some silly picture taking of course!

Photo catch up time!

It's been busy and hectic and 999 seems to have taken over my life! This, is, not good! I am just going to run through a photo reel of the last couple of weeks. I have no idea of time scale or when I did what when, but these flicks are what I wanted to share as I love what I've captured!!!

Peace n life!