Saturday, 11 February 2012

February photo challenge day 10+11 self portrait!

I know I'm late with this one, it should of been yesterday however I did take the flick on the day it was due to be blogged! Self portrait was the aim and I opted for a representation of me, myself and Irene rather than a pic of the ole coupon here, as I am the bashful type you see! The ME is on the left handside of the image, decipher it as you please, I'll leave no explanation on it atall! Today's challenge is to be something that makes me happy. So, that will come later as I haven't quite devised which ONE photo I could take to represent that!

The photo that makes me happy is one that I took waaaaaaaay back at the trade show for the home show exhibition. Everything that this little unit shows are things that sing to me when I see them. I imagine my life with these things, and myself having them. An interior as homely and charming as this, makes me really happy and eager to achieve. So there you go. Challenge 11 for today!!!!

Catch you!


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