Sunday, 19 February 2012

when time runs away and all you are left with is memories.

Hello girls I apologise for only posting pics of the February challenge so far, this month has flown away from me and I could not get it back * pulls imaginary rope *. I have lots to talk about so sit back and get comfy, I am a Gemini, talking/typing is my talent. Much to everyones knowledge I am NOT, I repeat NOT at any of the fashion shows either in London or New York. I am very much considering photoshopping myself inbetween Elizabeth Olsen and Lana Del Ray at the Mulberry show JUST to feel a part of it all. I have been kept highly occupied with all the juicy gossip (hate that term) * boaks * the runway shows, fav items via TWITTER and all the celebs attending and what they were wearing also. I have made it my mission to pester Vogue and Vivienne Westwood to hire me ( what would I even do? ) until one of them relents ( Allowing me to make them tea ) or smacks me with a restraining order. I love beautiful imagery, mood boards, outfit collections the whole whack. Is there a job for just getting amazing things together and presenting them beautifully and then adding my opinion on it somewhere? if so, can I get it?

Things I am loving at the mo include, Instagram, Vogue ( never stopped ) twitter, Rodarte, melancholy, reading books, collages and sleeping. You can never have enough sleep. Oh Oh and New Girl with Zooey Deschanel, her hair is magnificent. 

All credit to Vogue for images, Rodarte sand shoe, VW red label, Mulberry green romance and Topshop Unique ensemble, all but a few of my loves!

A friend of mine entered into holy matrimony last week and it was all rather fun with good times to be remembered, one including squeeezing with all my might ( and my friends mother's might ) into a beautiful Sari, note to self, loose that weight * scoffs *. I got beautiful pictures from that and out of it all I only lost one gold shoe. Hmmmmm.

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a friend in work whom I share a love of old films with about those sexy siren actresses from back then and two in particular that dogged our patter. One lady was called Lillian Gish who had tiny size 2 feet and was of the first and most recognised female stars from the beginning when all movies were silent. She looked like a doll no word of a lie. Then there was much chat about Joan Crawford who was outstandingly beautiful but evil to her adopted kids. NUTS! we agreed on one thing, old films had set the standard for high fashion, beauty and triple thretted super stars, we have much to thank them for. 

Left - Joan Crawford, Right - Lillian Gish

I recently noticed a few tutorials for dress making and easy steps to follow to create them. I would love to save for a sewing machine and make all my own fifties inspired dresses and skirts/shirts from thrifted fabrics and amazing colours. The call to Vintage is always there and I so wish I was cash heavy as I would have thee most outstanding wardrobe ever!

Get these amaze patterns at

Watched the September issue of Vogue AGAIN and cannot get out of my head how scary it would be even being a cleaner in those offices. However I would do it. Just to be there.

M.I.A is back with a whopper of a track and her outfits throughout the video had me clapping my hands with pure joy! i love her. 

Ok better get going, up again for work in the morning! oh the joys! someone please rescue me, tell me I dont belong where I am and whisk me to where the things are pretty!


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