Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hello ello ello,

Ok so lately I have been preoccupied and generally not that busy doing much but busy anyway, doesn't that sound crap? I am also addicted to Kid in a Candy store and have a million episodes taped! It made me realise that it is such a shame that Glasgow doesn't have the same culture around food. It would be top if Glasgow had a wee shop solely for exploring the wonders of say, marshmallows, like Posh Puffs in the states, or a cafe dedicated only to donuts! I would LOVE that, would you guys?

Oh and a lovely friend brought me back gorgeous bracelets from Ocean Drive In Miami which I adore! and I got rings from H&M for 50p on sale and it's like I've won the lottery!

I have also been baking alot and last night made some empire biscuits for a charity fundraiser in work so I will post the recipe later on tonight as it is dead easy.

Fringe, I'm not the best with makeup however I have a few peices I have stuck by and ones that I've heard are particularly good. I have Benefits One Hot Minute and it's lasted two years and still going strong, it is great under makeup as a base, over foundation as a powder which is so svelte and poise looking, or a blush for the cheeks. The illuminating particles in the powder are so subtle but, definitely make a difference to your overall complexion. I put it on as an all over pick me up as I I don't really wear makeup everyday and it's a great wee bronzer for the neck. So that's my input. While you were being interviewed Bow and i visited the Benifit counter and were told all about the brand new Mascara ' They're Real ' and how it took them 4 years to develop. The sales assistant herself had on the mascara and I have to admit her lashes looked brilliant. She explained how the wand not only had the main brush for the most part, but the small ball at the end to capture the small lashes at the corners of the eye also. Now, if only I had £18 for the bloody tube I'd of bought it! So that's my wee makeup input for just now.

Ok I will get back on later with a craft and a recipe!!!!


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