Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Topknot Sunday!!

Hello girlies!

Wow what a day so far, it's been so busy in here today my head is fit to burst rite off my neck and try desperately to roll to a quieter place. Off for a 15 minute breather however I'm not sure if that will be enough, why don't people stay in and relax on a Sunday? Instead of banjo'ing eachother with dog leads and all other unconventional types of weapons? Anyhow, Fringe, Yay!! to Monsoon interview that's fantastic and judging by your product teaser pics I will be straight over for some stationary fun. Do not worry about the other day, we are all prone to a commando roll or two from time to time and at least you had a dog! Mine tend to be lonely ventures where I wish I had a wee buddy to share my embarrassment with!

Loving the hair Bow, I adore thon pastel colours in hair, it reminds me of my dolls head I had when I was younger, that I could turn her hair to blues and pinks and crimp it also! Saw an image and thought it was beautiful when you posted about your violet locks, Bow you might like it.

Been looking for costume ideas and generally been feeling inspired by pictures, ideas and of course you guys's postings! So I might just image drop to create a little thought trail of where I've been throughout this morning till now. In my mind/interweb that is, as my body is prisoner to the office * weeps dramatically *.

Hope you enjoy image fun ladies!
Topknot tires on

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