Thursday, 27 October 2011


Right FINE! I'll admit it. I didn't even make it 48 hours through the detox. The reason was twofold. First, the soup I made was just crap. Not rank, just tasteless. Second, I was told I had to eat dinner at my grans. I thought I had a clear few days to do it. So I thought, ach, I may as well stop now. Throw a few Oreos down my neck (sorry mr f, they were yours-I don't even like them) and I had a bowl of soup. It was amazing. But do you want to know the worst thing? I went to my grans and she fed me curried parsnip soup! I would still have been on track! So today I feel bloated as hell. The reason I'm telling you all this is I know that in 48 hours I'm going to be in that place again. And I must remember this boo hiss feeling. Here we go again! Xxx

Bad fringe. X

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