Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Topknot & Sultana Loaf.

Hello my lovely people,

Smashing little day today and some oh so tasty soup from The Fringe! a catch up and a gander round the shops which was finished off by some baking and making as the night simmered to a slow. I am exhausted and the best of it is, I never did anything! Today was solely for relaxing and leisure which is just how I like it! Anyhoooo, the other half likes his dried fruits and christmas puddings and cakes along those types of tastes, so I decieded to make him a lovely Sultana Loaf and here is how I did it. Also on my adventures with the fringe and bow I got myself amazing gel dyes for my baking which I am chuffed about, so watch this space for some of that fun also!

OK!!! Sultana cake......

First, Fringe that green juice you gave me? it is going down relatively well and I will keep you guys posted with what happens to me, be it good or bad. Anything embarrassing though and am texting you two to come and get me! Also Bow? bloody hell with that link below, even though you told me about it, I still can't go for a shower till the Mr gets in! oh the loaf...

Already christened my new British Bake Off book girls, dropped a massive dollop of the loaf mixture onto the page!! argh! oh, thankyou Mr T for thon purchase of said book. Hope you guy's likey. I shall let you know how it tastes!

Fringe, stop doing healthy stuff, it makes me feel terrible tucking into this! * eats herself into oblivion *.....


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