Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Bow

Fringey, I'm glad your weekend is looking up after fudgetastic Friday! I felt so sorry reading that post, although I totally giggled a bit! At least you had Zebby for company - man's best friend indeed!

Great news Re Monsoon interview - superstition, supersmischen! Loving your inspiration pictures so much, although I will need to go in for a look as I happen to know Monsoon offers a very generous friends and family discount... So, you know, don't forget your friends if you get it!

I'm far too early for work (stupid Sunday bus service) so I'm relaxing in Starbucks reading a rather smashing book - The Constant Gardener - I picked it up at a book exchange the other day and have really enjoyed it so far. I'm sure I saw the movie of it a while back, will need to re-watch when I've finished the book.

In some equally exciting news, last night I tried to dye my hair pastel-violet. I am loving the colours that have come out but it hasn't stuck to all of my hair so it's more like violet highlights, one more go tonight should do the trick! I'm not sure how well it will show up in the pictures, but it is very difficult to take a picture of your own not-so-long hair!

Knot, I am loving those candy apples! I totally agree with Marilena from Greece, they are just like Disneyland apples! I wonder what kind of caramels you could melt down, Werther's Originals? Tomorrow I'm hoping to go a visit to Costco to buy some giant pumpkins and sweets for Hallowe'en so I'll check out the caramels too!

Wow, just realised I've managed to pass half an hour blogging and it's nearly time for work! See you girls later,

Pastel-Violet Bow xxx

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