Monday, 16 April 2012

Fun times pizza times

Hi you crazy guys.

Today I am mostly being excited about tomorrow. I know that's not necessarily the best way to go about life, but give me a minute, I think you'll understand. Tomorrow I will finish work at four. Then. There will be pizza. I know!! Mazeballs eh?

For reasons v annoying and typical of my Mr Magoo style life there will also be a bottle of bubbly champagne in my bag. The reason? The bloody exhaust fell clean off the car last night. Bloody!!!!!!! So seeing as I can no longer drive to the pizza party I may as well take a wee bubbly bottle of bubbles eh?

Don't worry. There will also be shloer. We love that. Or pink lemonade maybe. And the boy will *fingers crossed, twirl around, make a wish* have the car ready in time to pick us all up again!!! F x

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