Saturday, 7 April 2012

Camping times!

Last weekend I slept wearing tights, socks, jammie bottoms, a vest, t-shirt, long sleeved jammie top, hoodie and a hat. No, the heating wasn't broken again (we have an electric blanket for that) I was camping. Voluntarily. Check out how ace it was!

P.S, yes, I did struggle a bit with the confined space (I'm a super fidgety sleeper and can't remember the last time I fell asleep without reading. Yey for kindle) I got panicky in the sleeping back when I coudn't move enough.

So, anyhoo. We went to a lovely wee campsite in Killin and then spent the day in the wee town. It's gorgeous there. Lunch overlooking Loch Lomond, a wee jaunt rount Luss and home. Lush.

Dinner spot for fish and chiiiiiips

Breakfast in a tent!

Campsite View

The gorgeous falls at Killin

Coffee Break!

Is there a better spot to eat lunch in the WORLD?!

Over and out chaps. Bye!

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