Saturday, 7 January 2012

Obsession obsession.....

My two latest obsessions ( minus the 9012345 other obsessions I already entertain ) are Classic FM radio I listen to this in my car and I have been finding myself alot less raging behind the wheel!!! The film scores aired are also a breath of fresh air in comparison to the almost sickening repetitiveness of ' I'm sexy and I know it ' baloney every five minutes. Not to offend any popular music, I myself encourage the odd WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE when needed, but seriously, sometimes my ears bleed girls! Fringe, you witnessed my horror first hand at said video I'm referring too.... * shudders *, so overall classic fm gives me something new. I have noticed though over the last week or so I have started with this non sense air conducting, whilst driving I might add! What an arse I've become and I've only been listening to " real " music for two weeks! Another obsession is a fantastic website called Layer Cake which I am constantly on and dribbling over and their wee bloggy is ace too!! A new years resolution for moi? Stop being so obsessive!!!!!! Ok, well I'm away back to work I suppose, I have already considered faking a terrible virus that is indeed airborne ( did they not know??!! ) and if they don't let me go instantly i might turn into a gremlin and start foaming at the mouth! I'll let you know how that works out, probably not well? I don't know, all I can see is the minutes tick by in life as I loose my sense of sensibility! Hope your guys's work is far less mind numbing than mine!! * pokes own eye for attention * bluergh!!!!


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  1. Aw I'm disappointed, I thought you LOVED that video :) For this post I would like a formal declaration that me listening to radio four all these years was acceptable! Also, I've started to listen to radio 2 in the last few months, not just Christ Evans but also Ken Bruce and whoever else is on..are we old? X