Thursday, 5 January 2012

The skip of doooooooom

Well hello all you 2012ers! How you all feeling? My new year was most extraordinarily booze fest free (not that I'm a crazy boozer, just that the holiday normally expects it) so I'm feeling pretty mighty. On the other hand, the 27th December till now has been a long period of pure nonsense eating wise. Believe it or not my Christmas day is usually a day of hardly eating. Boxing day and the 27th were pretty healthy too. And then we went to visit the other half's mum. Not that it's her fault at all, it just opened my eyes to the wide and seemingly bottomless chasm that was my capacity for winter eating. Before breakfast was finished lunch was planned and being looked forward to. Where the answer to 'chocolate biscuit?' would normally be 'no thanks' it became 'I'll have five for starters, don't put the box away'. Tsk.

But today is the day I return to work. I don't know why I'm saying that, or using it as an important date. I've been working all through the holiday off and on. Still, I had bad intentions this morning and made cheese and toast for brekkie (not acceptable) but luckily I burned it. So that's that binned. I have no specific plans or intentions eating wise, just turn off the nonsense and hope I've not done too much damage!


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