Sunday, 8 January 2012

I <3 Obento

Hey girlies, remember my obsession with obsessions? Well here's another one for your pot! To save myself from annoying my work colleagues or attracting unwanted attention I asked one of my mates if I could read his ' cool wee book ', I know, I know, who the hell talks like that? Anyway, forever the owner of interesting and crafty little readies, I knew I'd be set up asking him for help. He gave me a gorgeous little book called Yum Yum Bento Box and lassies, I near enough hugged the thing it was so cute!

Derived from Japanese households where loving ( and talented ) Mums created little boxes of food art for their children to take to school for their lunches. Hoping to bridge the gap between home and school these creative cubbies are lovingly put together to ease the stress of going to school and not having mum there to feed your wee face!!! This gem is full of brilliant techniques, tools and ideas on how to prepare your own bento box aswell as where to supply up on all your foodie needs. Fantastic read, interesting recipes and something I will be keeping my eyes peeled for twee bento boxes as I can see ( yes you know it ) another obsession arriving!!! Check out some image fun below and I will list the websites that you can delve ever so deeply in bento paradise.

Bake It Pretty
Bento & Co
Candyland Crafts
Daiso Japan
Design Within Reach
Dunwoody Booth Packaging
From Japan With Love
Happy Japan
Happy Tiffin
I Love Obento
Japan Centre
Kitchen Crafts
Laptop Lunches
Life Without Plastic
Micheals Craft Stores
Rakuten International
Sugar Charms
Urban Outfitters
William Sonoma

Even if it inspires you to create inspiring lunch boxes all these places are ace! Woop!


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