Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Teaparty Time!

I think girls it is about time for another tea party don't you? been heavily inspired by these snowy nights and my mother in laws dining room!! the woman puts vintage tearooms to shame I tell thee! I snapped a few pics to show you guys and to make matters even more inspiring/worse she made all these cake stands you see before you herself. Not even a lie. I considered ( because I know you are thinking it gals ) stealing one ( hard to hide though ) breaking one ( sheer jealousy? and totally uncalled for? ) demanding one, again ( i'd get a punch to the gub? ) in the end I took photos and applauded her bloomin talents! Look down * points to pics *.

Ok so also on the Mother in Law front, I baked for her birthday, which was scary as she is a Ceoliac and I am worried I do it so wrong orelse forget and stupidly add WHEAT to the recipe!! anyways I had to put all my weirdness aside and bake for her birthday. So I decided on a lovely Pineapple sponge cake, with mixed fruit jam and fruit and icing topping. I am well glad to blog that, the cake rose. Thankgod. I had fears of giving over pancakes! can't put a candle in that can we? So, heres what I did.

Pineapple Cake ( for Gluten Avoiderers )  

Ingrediants: 2 cups of Crushed Pineapple
         175g of unsalted butter
   175g caster sugar
      3 eggs, beaten up :)
                       175g self raising flour (gluten free)
          1 tsp of Vanilla Essence

Get your OVEN heated to 180C/GAS 4
Cut greaseproof paper to fit two circle cake tins
Cream the butter and sugar together till light fluffy and creamy
Gradually add whisked egg and sieved flour to butter mix
(Fold it in mind)
Once all blended add in your pineapple, a little juice is ok but not it all, the fruit will be giving the sponge great moisture!
Finally add the vanilla and again fold it all in till its as evenly mixed as you can get.
Divvy the mix up and spoon into cake tins
Flatten it out as evenly as you can
Pop in the oven for 20-25 mins until golden brown
Now, serve as you like, with any jam you like in the middle of the sponge sandwiches, both by the way should be really soft springy and moist to the touch
Decorate as you please in accordance to Gluten Free allowances
I used Icing and fruit

I then made some vanilla cupcakes and dyed them pink just for a little something different. Again I used gluten free self rasing flower and just followed a basic cupcake recipe but used Silver Spoon food colouring in Pink and split my cake mix in two making one bowl of cake mix a soft pink and the other a much more vibrant pink. A spoonful of each colour into my silicone cup cases on top of eachother and it baked split in two colours! I then iced them with pink icing and made little decors for them out of toothpicks and hearts (will blog post on that later ) eh walla! have a little look girlies!

So Tea anyone? i'll stick the kettle on.


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