Friday, 9 December 2011


Hello ladies! Have been MIA for a while but have just started a new job in a swanky jewellers and have been so tired when I get home! Loving the pineapple cake Topknot, looks mega yummy! I wonder if it will be allowed on my diet??? (Please please please be a yes!)

Since I've not been on in ages I'll give you a wee update on my life this month so far:


I have lost 1st 1lb on my diet so far (started at the beginning of November).  I've been going to Slimming World and it is really working for me! I find using the Extra Easy plan really straightforward and still manage to have the odd treat (a full packet of Viennese biscuits/ chocolate orange/ turkish delight) without suffering too much!  I don't know how I am getting away with it but it seems to work so I'm not complaining!  The other great thing is I've been cooking lots of new meals and soups to eat and am finding out that I love cooking, a revelation! 


This week I left my job in a gift shop and started working in a fancy jewellers - still not what I should be doing (being a primary teacher, for those who don't know me!) but I'm enjoying learning about precious metals and stones and it is definitely more interesting than selling wrapping paper and birthday cards.  I'm not sure how long I will stay there, one of these days I will definitely get my but back into gear and look for a teaching job, but for now I'm loving having no job responsibility and being able to relax when I get home from work! 


I had a big night out at a dinner/awards ceremony last weekend and I decided to treat myself to some new makeup so that I didn't look like a blotchy ghost in the photos! So I took myself off to MAC in my lunch break and picked up some nice things! I had heard mixed reviews of MAC foundation and I was a bit worried about paying lots of money for it and then finding out it was rubbish, but eventually I was convinced by the large selection of shades available.  I bought Studio Fix Fluid in NW15, which is the lightest of the Warm shades.  It's a pretty thick, matt coverage which I wouldn't wear every day but was perfect for a night out where there are loads of photos.  I was totally talked into the Prep + Prime base - I have no idea if it makes a huge difference but I'm a sucker for a sales pitch! Finally I picked a new blusher - I've been wearing a pink Guerlain blush which was great in the summer with a bare face but wasn't going to be great with a full face of foundation! So I went for a matt powder blush in Melba, a really nice dark peach with a hint of coral.  Overall I'm pretty pleased with my MAC purchases - the photos from the night out turned out pretty well and my face still looked even and 'made-up' at 3am! 

Also, I bought a lovely Limited Edition set for my boyfriend's sister as a Christmas present - see here!
I'd love some of the sets for myself, might add the brush set to my wish list! 


My better half is off to London today for a job interview, so today I've had a duvet day, didn't get dressed and spent the day cooking (chilli and paprika potatoes) and drinking coffee (instant, nothing fancy) and I've been watching Bridesmaids.  I spent ages watching the extras and gag real - almost as funny as the actual movie! The scene on the aeroplane cracks me up every time!

That's all for now - I'd love a tea party soon, lets have a Christmas themed one? 

See you all laters...

Bow xxxx

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