Sunday, 4 December 2011

Made in ......

Watched a GREAT film the other night and to be very honest I am disgusted at myself for not seeking it out sooner, however I've seen it now, so panic over. The film I am talking about is Made in Dagenham and It is based on a true and fantastically inspiring story of a group of Ford motor car machinists that went on strike in 1968 and demanded equal pay amoung all workers. When I mean equal pay amoung workers, I don't mean between departments, I mean between men and women.( isn't that mental you guys? don't know how lucky we are ) A courageous group of women workers walked out of their sewing halls and all production of ford seat covers stopped which in turn ceased all production of the cars creating a massive outrage in the community and amoung the men who didn't want to be on strike. The film follows the journey the women took and the victory that they achieved in bringing forward the Equal Pay Act 1970 aswell as enforcing trade unions and Womens rights Campaigns. What these women achieved was nothing short of amazing and a true inspiration to women all over the world. We have them to thank for our ability to earn what we earn and doing what profession we choose. The fashion was fantastic, the cast believable and I guarantee you it leaves you feeling a little glow in yer cheeks and raring to go in the big bad world of work! Please give this a swatch girlies, you will LOVE IT.

For full info on this tremendous story Made in Dagenham

Found a cute little hair dye that I am going to try one day as I am continually jealous of any blonde I see with the gorgeous barbie doll dye in pinks, blues and greens and want to have hair just like it and yours Bow! so I found these wash in and out pods in three colours and maybe quite fancy trying the purple? what do ya think? these Colour Bugs have it spot on with vivid colour and can be washed out the next day if you like, which is perfect for me and my ever changing fads. So keep your eye balls peeled. You might just not recognise me the next time I swan in through Silverburn!!!

Not a huge chocolate fan ( offends EVERYONE ) however I saw these in Debenhams and they caught my ever roaming beady eye. Jamie Oliver's Some Like It Hot and Hello Sailor  chocolate bars, and I think these would make fantastic gifts for anyone at anytime of the year. I must say I was more into the packaging and play on phrases but I really do like the twist on your average bar of dairy milk. With chilli and sea salt you can't ask for anything more adventurous and at only £2 your chocoholic mateys will love ye!

Always on the search for the best eyeliner for the bat wing cat eye look I adore so much I came across these bad boys girls but the price is also BAD. They are called Velvet Eyes Eye Liner and are by none other than Dior. I know, I want! In this pack you get four adhesive eye liner patches that can be worn several times and comfortably placed to fit any eye shape! Brilliant! with catwalk perfection and even one with sequin whatelse could we be looking for girls? oh yeah, the money to buy them! at a pricey $59 i'd be tempted to use super glue to keep the stick! still though,stick on eye liner? yes please!!!

Ok ok,i better go, my eyes are beginning to meet in the middle. I got so tired in work today the old lady that phones everyday hundreds of times on 100 to ask what day and time it is even had me confused. I told her on three separate phone calls the wrong time by an hour, the wrong time by four minutes and then the wrong date completely! i'll be joining the old bugger at her game soon!plus its snowing like a bampot!me car will be stuck!

Much loves.
Toptired xxx

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