Friday, 11 November 2011

*Rant Alert*

A few days ago I took my little bundle of money and dragged the boy on a shopping adventure. It'll only take twenty minutes I promised. Long story short, an hour and a half later I had been into every shop in a whole shopping centre. Young people's shops, more upmarket shops, expensive, inexpensive, I hit them all. My purse in my hand and desperate to buy some underwear I found myself so frustrated. I am a lady, only a little lady. I'm pretty damn short, and with a healthy bmi. I wasn't looking for anything fancy or spectacular, but I'd rather not spend over £20 on a bra. Every single shop and still, not ONE unpadded bra!!! Eventually guess where I had to spend my money? The supermarket!!! Pft. I'm disappointed high street. Rant over.

Love, fringe xxx

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