Monday, 7 November 2011

Family fun

Hello my gorgeous girlie pops! I've not seen you for ages and ages! What's been happening? Well, I've gone from working one day a week to nearly six, so that's good I guess! Before the madness of Christmas in retail truly begins though I had a weekend of family fun in a certain 5* hotel in Scotland that I can't pretend I don't totally love. There's something about the smell of the place that is just so amazing, I'm going to buy myself some tasty hand wash and hand cream for my bathroom to replicate the wondefulness! All my gorgeous cousins and family were there, only missing one aunt and wee cuz and my wee bro who's living it up in Canada. Happy birthday to him today btw!! But anyhow, nothing happened really. Just walks in the gorgeous frosty sunshine and a wee bit of a swim before a lovely family lunch and home. I only get to see this side of the family twice a year so it makes it extra special when we're all together. There was a super amazo green Thai curry cooked up, I'll be getting and posting that recipe soon before possibly butchering it at home myself! Bow your soup looked well tasty, please deliver some to me at work today thank you much! I'm off to do some actual work now so love ya much, chat later.

Oh, anyone free for fun thurs or fri am?

Fringe xxxx

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