Saturday, 12 November 2011

Green tea you say?

Well ladies I am back on it. The green tea that is. I have as of recently let every habit ( good ones mind ) like, working out, eating lots of vegetables and drinking water quietly retire to the back of my mind, along with anything else that remotely seems good for me! And much to my annoyance have subsequently noticed my health deteriorate along with it. My tonsils at the moment seem to be rivalling eachother as to who can swell larger and become the most painful to me in the shortest time! * faints *.

Anyhoooo, since I am back on the green tea I thought it would be good to list a few of the reasons why a wee cuppa the green stuff is good for you and yours. Hopefully this will put the rocket I so very need up my arse to get back on track. Yes, I said arse. Which by the way is needing body brushed. The list grows larger AND more boring by the moment. Ok, tea.

▶ it rehydrates you better than water.
▶ it reduces high blood pressure. ( start now and Christmas might NOT kill you )
▶ it boosts immunity against illness. ( tonsils beware )
▶ it is full of anti oxidants.
▶ it burns fat and allows for prolonged exercise. ( sorry what? It burns fat? * makes and drinks 8 litres * )
▶ it lowers stress while boosting brain power. ( if making your own tea is too stressful ask someone else )
▶ it prevents tooth decay and bad breath. ( halitosis anyone? )
▶ it protects lungs and liver against smoking and alcohol. ( I know what you're thinking, and NO )
▶ it has ZERO calories! ( have it wit some cake? )
▶ it is great for your complexion.
▶ it is a great anti ageing cure. ( * cancels Botox appointment * )
▶ it can prevent cancer.
▶ it can boost memory. ( thankgod because I have forgotten why I'm doing this post )
▶ it can strengthen bones.

So if those are not some good reasons to get your gums around a cup then I don't know what is! I would also like to campaign to our local Starbucks to start doing the green tea frapps, you lot up for it? I have made hats with big straws sticking out them so the staff will notice us!!! Ok now I'm just going to put up some green tea image fun to inspire both myself and you lot to embrace the power of the tea!!!!

Have a green day, love Topknot.

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