Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Healthy Eating vs Retail Career

I have a confession girls. Since starting my 6 day a week work schedule instead of the 1 day a week I'd gotten used to my diet has slipped way below par. Think that having time off and being able to sit all day watching tv makes you eat all day? Yes, possibly. But I also had the energy to walk for hours a day and had time to make tasty soups. No more. Yesterday I managed to eat...

Greek yoghurt with honey, summer fruits and seeds.
Danish toast and hoummous.
Left over spaghetti with pesto.
Weight Watchers soup.
Three tangerines.
A packet of prawn cocktail crisps.
Half a cheese and pickle sandwich.
Flat bread and nutella.
Egg noodle and veg stir fry.
Three custard creams.

What was that all about?! If you look you can see the planned things and the I'm hungry (or, want to eat right now) foods. There was little need for the crisps, sandwich, flatbread and custard creams. But bad planning = munchies.

So looking at my hours this week means I have time to plan and make myself hunners of good things to eat all day. Once a month for about three or four days my body screams out for food CONSTANTLY. If those things are healthy, great. But if not there's a good chance I'll crack and head to McDonalds...

About six months ago I started on the weight watchers plan. I was SO good. I tracked every last crumb I ate and have lost 10.5lbs so far. I'm happy with that. But I stall have 7lbs to go, and they're those sticky lbs that don't fall off easily. I'm going to buy the Zumba game and steal my sister's wii. I'm going to plan plan plan and eat plenty of good stuff. I'll let you know when I crack it and discover the perfect healthy lunch (I hate lunch - there are rubbish healthy, filling vegetarian options out there)

Wish me luck xxxx


P.s, girls, my wee tiny granny is sick. I'm going to see her in the hospital right now. Any love and prayers would be so appreciated :)

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