Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I didn't promise you a rose garden.......

Hello ladies,

Great posts you guys, I have danced in my living room to Glenn Miller my dear Bow and have eaten far too much crapolla to list my lovely little Fringe. I am kinda realising my post will most likely be disjointed and not really related to anything, or eachother, however, I know you lot will understand me. If not. Hate mail will duly be expected.

I just realised and am embracing the fact that I LOVE flowers. I really do. I didn't realise this until I got married and like you ladies will know,  I ALWAYS have them at home. You guys will also have noticed that I tend to type exaggerated things in capital letters, no idea why really as I don't shout them whilst typing, or thinking them. Could you imagine though that I did? hahaaaaaa, Mr T would have a heart attack! So on my daily divulge of Pinterest loving I found a beautiful blog dedicated to flowers galore and the imagery on it actually hurt my wee heart it is so stunning. I am aware that I can change the blog from Swedish to English, but al be honest, I have not a bloody scooby how to do it. On passing through, please feel free to make it easy on yourself and change it. See when you do? mail me the how to? ta alot. So I have been in love with photography from different eras (more on that soon) and have been making it a habit to shoot photos of the flowers I get for my house. Some have turned out rather splendid which i'd like to share. I also got treated to flowers I can plant on my own which were exceptionally cheap and may save somewhat on the flower buyage in the future. First of all the blog link.

They play gorgeous music also! get wired in.

 Flowers above were only 50p each from B&M and are ready to grow in the the living room!

A local b&q purchase to plant and I love these colours!

The nail varnishes are sensational and go on perfectly considering I have the shakes of  a ninety year old. Bow also gifted myself with the black crackle kind and I love that alot.Ok some outfit inspiration for today, and I cannot recommend this website enough, it kills/inspires me everday and hope it will you guys too. Go to Polyvore and get inspired. I was feeling a cute vintage oufit today.


Seneca Rising cowl neck tank
$35 -

Planet knit top
£19 -

Flat heel shoes
£25 -

Proenza Schouler tote bag
$1,995 -

Gold jewelry
$475 -

Exciting news about Da Vinci's art work being shipped from all over the world to one place that is London to form an exhibition to not miss. This will be the first and last time the exhibition will be held and is taking place in The National Gallery from the 9th of November to the 5th of February 2012. I must pester the other half to take me there.

And finally, girls, something to make you laugh! I can't wait to get bridesmaids on DVD! SEE EXAGGERATED EXCITED TYPING GOING ON HERE!!

Much laughs, Topknot

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