Monday, 14 November 2011

B.B. Bow

Hi girlies! 

Loving H&M/Versace... might be the only time I'll ever be buying Versace! When does it hit shops Topknot?  Fringe - I so feel your pain in the bra department! I'd love to be able to buy they wee tiny bras that always sit at the front of the rail looking tiny and cute... rummage back to my size and its like two parachutes sewn together :( 

Also been loving the new B.B Creams that are out - I've been trying the Garnier one for the past few weeks and although I don't think they would be everybody's cup of tea, I'm loving it! Might do a wee review this week if I ever get round to looking out my camera!  

Also been making some fun purchases today... 

Popcorn Buckets

I picked a few of these up today - I thought they would make really nice Christmas gifts if given with a favourite movie and a bag of popcorn tied with a pretty bow!  Of course when I brought them home Mr Bow decided he would like some for us too! At £2.50 I don't mind picking up a few more! 

Bridesmaids DVD

Ah such a funny movie, I was so excited to see it in HMV today! In fact I am just about to make a cup of tea and go watch it once this post is finished! 

The Very Best of Glenn Miller

Such wonderful, nostalgic music! I first got hooked on it after going to Walt Disney World - it reminds me of walking around Hollywood Studios and the song Moonlight Serenade is played in the Tower of Terror - my favourite ride ever! 

Night all, Bow 

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