Sunday, 6 November 2011

Baby you are a firework!

Well my oh my, straight into the festivities this year and I almost cannot keep up with how fast it's rolling in! That is now Halloween AND Bonfire night over with and I survived them both. Actually nothing more prettier than driving home last night to a landscape of continuous fireworks, there was no need to go to a display atall. Then I hit the fog and was blinded to any kind of life that may have existed not two seconds before.

So the wedding was great, I arrived only 3 hours late and had to wash my hands over and over again as my fake eyelash glue had popped, all over my hands!!! The plague comes to mind.

Just a quick post before most prolly a huge n tonight, but Bow loved the post!! Your pumpkins were smashing ( hehehe) and the cake pops looked brilliant! You got a whole step further than I ever have with them!!!

I just wanted to give a shout out to a fantastic recommendation by Fringeness for a great wee vocalist ( she's actually dead tall by the way ) that goes by the name of Lana Del Rey.Her voice is soooo seductive it can almost make you feel drunk. Her old Hollywood glamour videos are just dream like and float from one mini film to another. Very different, not contrived and the songs are fully lyrical. No repeats of words like boom boom boom, just good old story telling and I fairly enjoy a story I do!

Check out her stuff! She is a huge YouTube sensation and I've fallen in love with her voice!

Thanks Fringe!!



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