Friday, 21 October 2011

I am the Bow

Hello ladies! Well I am a bit late to join in but better late than never, no? So yesterday started with me leaving my phone under my pillow, and ended with me being 30p short of my bus fare home... Nothing new there, right?! So here I am ready to catch up with what's been going on 😊

Today I have been in Boots furtively trying ever tester of the new 17 Magnetised nail polish 💓 I tried every one (blue, lilac, green and grey) and decided the green was best so then had to redo the rest of my fingers to match, voila!

I'm loving my new magnetised nails. - what you guys thinking? Number one on payday wishlist!

Number two on payday wishlist is a pumpkin carving kit - I have seen a few online but would prefer to buy one in a shop - any ideas?

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