Friday, 21 October 2011

The Topknot

Hey Bow, Loving those nails, reminds me to get another colour for underneath the crackle one you got me for my day of birth! I am thinking a nice coral or Peach? like this .....Models Own check out Coral Reef and Fuzzy Peach.How much are the nail varnishes you like setting you back btw? Checked in Asda and their decent sized pumpkins are £1 which is not too shabby and Amazon have the carving kits for next day delivery but are quite pricey at £11.99 or so. Just use an electric turkey cutter! wearing goggles and very thick gloves that is! I love Halloween, especially the eating part. 

Yes Fringe I remember that little gem of a place, I also would not mind making a few cushion covers for my own sofa, mine are most definitely looking driech and one slops down like its sad. Need fresh ones with a bit of structure to them.  So you guys fancy booking up near Christmas?  Or this?  Sewing Classes 

Anyways, some pumpkin porn for you ladies, just because it never fails to make me laugh!

Ah absolute crackers! Much respect for the artists behind these pumpkins!

The Topknot Loves.

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