Thursday, 20 October 2011

The fringe at 5am

Yes, it is 5am. No your eyes haven't deceived you. Two things have happened. One, I've allowed zeb over the years to develop and fine tune a toilet need that happens in the hour of five. Next, and don't judge me, I can't help it, she's sleeping at my feet. Aww or boke you might say, depending. Well I'm just a softie that can't stand her crying all night (strange house n that) but damn do I want to stretch my legs! Also need my charger from my handbag in the hall. NOT going to happen. Aaand, she's snoring.

Knottie, there's actually the place remember where we went to decorate cupcakes and they do classes but also you can hire sewing machines by the hour (hopefully not thread manglers like we used to use) and I think they help a bit. It's a post for tomorrow (later today) but I NEED to make cushion covers. No. This is not a Cath Kidston need, but that I mentioned in passing to mr f ages ago that I was going to make them and he's driving me nuts about it. Don't want to actually admit I can't sew...

Sweet dreams y'all xxx

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