Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Topknot's Thursday.

Oh dear what a day. Started out with not wanting to get out my bed. Not unusual for me, but still, come on, it was very late (not telling how late) and I had things to do. Showered, dressed and with breakfast out the road the Mr and I set out to get me a tail light for my car. A shit sat nav and two hours driving around the narrow back roads of East Kilbride later, we finally find the Halfords for the bloody light. Cast your mind back Fringe, to the situation we got ourselves in trying to find the fashion show in Edinburgh mind? You have reached your destination when we pulled up at an old derelict broken down house in the middle of nowhere and the sign further along stated that they used, what was it? HANDGUNS??!!! it was like that. Except it was a private farm we were in. We half expected folk to come out with pitch forks and hunting dogs to chase us off their land. However I finally made it into work by the scrape of my teeth, scalding  myself with the coffee I was unwilling to miss AND log into my station on time for! I looked the tube that I was trying to walk really fast to my desk with a full to the brim hot coffee without spilling it. I had sticky sleeve for the rest of my shift. On the bright side I sat and read some great magazines and filled my facial area with my overrated coffee and the switch was fairly quiet. Is coffee overrated girls? doubt it. 

Anyhow, I came across an interesting article In Mollie Makes magazine that made my little ears prick up girlie's and will sure to interest you guys too. Two women by the names of Martena Duss and Sissi Holleis began their business venture in Paris back in 2010 that combined socialising with sewing.  Opening up a cafe which rented out their sewing machines, allowed for room to cut and create and also be tutored. The cafe became a quick success, preaching the attitude of don't buy just remake to crafters who were interested in reviving old clothes and fabrics. They held a score of classes and tutorials for beginners rite through to advanced. A book soon followed called The Sweat Shop Book crafts and cakes from the Paris sewing cafe which has been a further achievement for the ladies, and my gawd does the book sound fantastic. Packed with idea upon idea's on how to guides for old fashioned crafts which is just rite up my street! So much so they brought over a pop up shop to London Selfridges and had classes running all the way through September!! Bloody well missed them all girls Gutted. However, it is still interesting to hear and read about and something that may, you never know, appear in Glasgow. Even if I have to drag them here myself. Only kidding, * raises eyebrows*.  So I thought it was worth a mention. For Glasgow though the Lite Craft on Great Western Rd has a Wednesday night class for all sorts and you can even get a wee coffee there too. Up for trying it you two? wouldn't mind a wee crocheted blankie for ma wee legs!  

Oh here is the linkage to the book, I am going to throw major hints to my Mr to purchase me this magical text and see where I get. * orders it * arrghhh! The Sweat Shop Boook Ha notice how my link says Boook? I'm leaving it : ) 

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