Sunday, 11 March 2012

Topknots Top Facts

Seen this flying about lots of blogs and as all our posts aren't narcissistic enough we decided to post 11 random facts about ourselves, to let you guys know exactly what you're letting yourselves in for * smirks *

Ok, here goes.

1. For the first 3 weeks of my life I was called Natasha, until everyone agreed that it was a mince name and changed it. All my baby cards say Natasha on them and due to all the drama I never received a middle name. I've considered registering Box as my middle name. I'll leave you with that.

2. I was in a terrible car crash where my car flipped several times and I walked away unharmed. I then a year later nearly fell off, the Great Wall Of China.

3. I cannot Lie.

4. I am a magpie and i am obsessed with jewellery and accessories of any kind. My niece has developed the same fascination * good lass * and adorns as much of my jewels as she can whenever she is over.

5. I taught myself how to bake at 25 years old due to a crisis of ' I'm getting married and I'm so unhousewifey-ish' and I now LOVE it and have learned so much. God love my other half for eating loads of uncooked shite that I was producing in those early days!!! <3

6. Fringe face and I met Prince Charles who was lovely and cuddly looking. He is VERY lucky I wasn't in a daft mood, I could of done with a hug that day! : )

7. I am a 999 operator * sees the reader fear for their life * but ran a business with Fringe for over 5 years. In the last year of the business, a flasher came in and showed us both his banana hammock thong.

8. All my school reports said I was too chatty but lacked confidence. People still say the same!

9. I am a huge Olsen fan.

10. D.I.Y anything and crafting rule my world! vintage EVERYTHING can get in it.

11. Bjork can make my face melt with any track she produces. I considered Swarovski-ing my face just to replicate her!

My life is SO random that this is barely scratching the surface!


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