Friday, 2 March 2012

The stylist List.

Forever a magpie for anything I can read, look or get inspiration from I am always on my phone * gasps * writing in notebooks, drawing sketches ( very badly I might add Davie you would be appalled ) and constantly have a handbag full of things I ' need ' for reminding me of that amazing thing I want to blog about! hence why my handbags are constantly weighing me down, it is lucky really that I don't own a Birkin, PAH. So I am always really happy when I come across The Stylist Pick on my travels and love nothing more than ticking off things that I think are pretty cool and worth sharing. So here are a few of those bad boys. Before I begin however I am absolutely devastated to add that Lana Del Ray was shopping in one of my favourite vintage shops in the West End of Glasgow called The Vintage Guru  the other day and I wasn't even there to stalk! Ragistan! also on that note Vintage G helped to host alongside The Garage in the city centre the SAMA's which is the Scottish Alternative Music Awards that very rightly so recognise the talent that Scotland has in the music industry that is not within the mainstream. I shall see what I can find out about that later on!

Ok fun faces onwards!

1. At £11.20 this book teaches the reader how to harness the power of creativity, hell yeah!!!
2. At £179.99 this bookshelf is indeed created entirely from recycled cardboard, go to Fashion For Home
3. At £36 this life story book is pointed towards men but please, we can use it to girlie's The great Gift company
4.At £4.95 this great chocolate bar can be personally designed by you for that special someone, genius! The Chocolate Library

So there you have my faves! Woop!

Talking about recycling I also read about this Artist called Koshi Kawachi and he studied Experitmental Design in Nagoya University Of Arts in Japan ( read more here KK profile ) and is now exhibiting everywhere you can think of. I was particularly interested in his recycling projects that used old magazines to grow plants and produce Manga farming as is quoted by many. Beautiful, green and resourceful. The imagery itself was what struck me first. Elegant and beautiful.

I SO want to be here this summer, who is coming with me? Port Eliot Festival

I need to go, my ear hurts! * swaps ears for someone elses *

Mucho Loves 

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