Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Early morning dreams and doom

It is currently 7.08am and I am typing this while looking at my phone with one eye open. It may not seem early to many (or most) but I hate mornings so badly I had to discuss it with you. For some reason I keep sleeping for exactly 6hrs and 50minutes (my sleep cycle app tells me so) and I'm lying here thinking about how that just isnt enough. Don't worry, I know it's plenty, especially as I'm waaaaaay past those sleepy teenage years. But man, getting up is hard to do. Last night I had a dream that topknot's car was breaking down. We had it by the side of a windy road on a steep incline. We could see it out of the corner of our eye when smoke began to belch out of the bonnet. Then slowly it moved, gathered momentum and rolled down the hill, round the corner and into a river (which was like a small sea or lake - there was a bed of shallow water before a drop down to a very deep section.) I remember standing looking at the car and explaining that we only had a few seconds to run and get everything valuable out, that as soon as we opened the doors it would sink very quickly. TK said that yes, the car was full of important items but no, we were going to leave them. We stood on the shore and watched the car sink.

The end.

F xx


  1. Oh God!! my poor car and our valuables!! that is a mental dream * goes to dream dictionary *...x

  2. I know! You were telling me all the things that were in it! Documents, valuables, sentimental things! I was totally panicking but you were all calm!