Monday, 23 January 2012

The Virgin Suicides....

Read two brilliant books this weekend and one that I cannot believe I haven't read before. Loved it of course and I am now on a mission to see the film! fantastic little steal (  literally ) from my works mysterious book box in our break out area. I may need a wee copy of me own.The book I am banging on about? The Virgin Suicides and Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe was sweet too. Ok anyways, seen another book that I have had my eye on for a couple of weeks and it goes by the name ooooofffff  The Vintage Tea Party Book  and I fell in love, as I do with many books straight away. Normal? I think not! I read a really interesting interview with the author Angel Adoree and I like the way she thinks. Made me want to have my dream home and decor and lots of Tea Parties of course. It also got me looking into interiors again and ideas for my forever expanding ' dream home ' folder, oh yes, I have one, stop judging me!!! and a few idea's on little creations that will make any space be quirked out its wee face! Fringe, LOVE thee nails! I need to try me some, infact I might just get you to do them next time I see you!! OK.......picture fun and more crafty adventures.

The Girl Herself

Her charming house interior!

Safe to say this book is on my growing want want and want list! So to add a little sense or touch of this style of interior to your place girlies I looked up a few ideas via blogs and etsy's and all of that good stuff and found a few crackers to either buy or create yourselves!

I came across this gentle approach towards antlers, if like myself you guys love em, but, the actual thought of anything remotely real gives you the heebie jeebies ( boak if you're in Glasgow ), then this will be just up your street peoples! Kari Herer on Etsy is a very talented photographer and this idea could very easily be repeated on card or canvas or if you are feeling rite fruity, purchased from her gorgeous shop! Look, look, look!

How beautiful eh?
Came across a cute little rabbit night light and I wanted to hug the hell out it when I seen it. Would look ace amongst books on a shelf or in a hallway underneath the above photographs perhaps? heeeeeeee....pick one up here for a fantastical cheap price of £8.95 Not on the highstreet

Here's a little idea I came up with myself! Whilst browsing in TK Maxx I came across a gorgeous collection of old classic books however with restyled covers and they looked special, however so was the price! at a whopping £120 for 6 tales I was slightly apprehensive about purchasing such treasures so I had a little think. It's easy to pick up all your favourite books in charity shops these days and unless you love the cover already why not recover the books using vintage paper and have them match or mismatch your interior, in turn adding a little twist to your book shelf? I am definitely going to try it. There are so many options of gorgeous paper via Ebay and Etsy that you will have a TONNE to choose from. These are my fav so far Digital Image 4 u but I will search for a random collection so that my books imitate these below!

Ok you guys, I've well and truly babbled enough tonight, need to get my lazy arse up and actually get these things done!!!


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