Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The joys of bathing

Well hello girly pops. What a lovely night I've had with lovely friends. Topsicle and the bowster will fill you in I'm sure. But for now I wish to discuss the joys to be had in a bath. Firstly, wash your dirty mind out, I don't mean 'with a friend' tut. No, the bliss of turning on that hot tap and walking away till that tub is full, adding some tasty bath milk and jumping straight in. I always find that the best bath is one that is too hot for your feet but not your hands. It's a great way to equalise that crappy winter body temperature and prepare for a great nights sleep. When I was a student and our heating was broken I'd have a hot hot bath to get me warm enough to fall asleep. Sad eh? Worst thing was the only problem with the heating was that the pressure was wrong. We live and learn eh?! Now, that bath. To me the best ones last less than ten minutes. Get in, get clean, get warm, get out. If you're lasting any longer in there it wasnt hot enough...and there's nothing worse than a bath that's just a weeee bit too cold but the water you add isn't warm enough and you just sit for twenty minutes in a kind of lukewarm soup wishing you were toasty hot. So how's about it chaps? Go run yourself a hot one and relax. You deserve a wee treat.

Muchos loves, F x

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