Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Madness!

Jesus girls, I cannot find a spare minute these days! Christmas has came and fully bitten me on the arse and it hurts! how are you lot getting on with your shopping, panicking and general party fun? hopefully better than I! Anyhow most of this blog post will be pics, however, gorgeous ones, whatelse is crimbo all about? oh I will chuck in a wee recipe for mincey pies that were very very tasty. So tasty my other half ate, eh, 10! yup, luckily I separated the ones I was taking away as a gift.

Finally went to see It's a Wonderful Life in the GFT cinema in Glasgow and I was not disappointed!!! cried from the very start and left on a high as everyone stood up and cheered and clapped in the end. Thankyou to one of my fav ladies for taking me and for such a lovely night! So in love with James Stewart it is unreal! I am defo getting it on DVD.

Ok I came across something that made me so excited I considered logging off my station at work JUST to tell my other half about it. It is Def what I want for Crimbo, however it kind of surpasses that a little as it is a year round monthly treat for as long as you wish! ha intrigued I hear you say, follow me I respond, girls get this on your wish list, I know I have! Jolie Box is now part of Boudoir Prive and for £10 plus postage and packaging every month you will receive thee most sophisticated french inspired goodie box filled with 6 samples of the best and high branded beauty products out there! with products from Lancome and Benefit this gorgeous idea allows you to sample, try, find and LOVE a world of products that you would be out of a few pockets trying to purchase!!!!!!  I am in love already and cannot wait to order this.

Ok, so catching the gosh and darn it flu last week I was feeling rite sorry for myself and I dragged my sorry self about the house with one leg trailing behind. My skin hurt, my hip bones hurt and I was so sick I now can't look at certain foods! but my lovely other half made me a bloody good chocolate cake and it was literally amazing! so I took a few snaps to show its moisty moisture! Cheers Mr!

Ok a little and quick recipe and I am also glad to say that it actually works. Mince pies for this season are an absolute must must must and I myself am a convert so if I can do it so can you. I made a bunch for a pressie and they infact went down a treat, and as mentioned before, my hubby ate the rest! all you need is..... 


  • 225g cold butter , diced
  • 350g plain flour
  • 100g golden caster sugar
  • 280g mincemeat
  • 1 small egg , beaten
  • icing sugar , to dust
This was a good food recipe I used and it was smashing!
Using your fingers rub in the butter to the flour then add the sugar and bring it together to a dough which is firm enough to roll. I found adding a little milk to bring it together worked better as it was a little dry and I couldn't get it to bind! Add a little pinch of salt to the sugar before mixing into dough also. Then roll and cut into whichever size or shape you like, I lightly greased a cupcake tray and pushed the base if the mince pie ( circles )  into each hole then spooned in my mincemeat ( pre bought and made from my local ) then using a heart cutter, cut hearts for my wee lids on the top and then baked them in a preheated oven at 180C for 20 minutes. Forgot all about brushing with egg wash but it never made a difference it seemed. I then dust them with icing sugar and packaged them up prettily for a gift! Yum.

Went along for festive fun to Edinburgh and to get ourselves in the mood for shopping and christmas jumpers we went to the market they had going on and it was magical! the wind blew and the rain killed but hey we grinned and bared it for the love of the season! Fringe and I then stumbled across a brilliant suprise which was Anthropologie and we could not of been happier! took as many sneaky flicks as I could ( see how good I be to you lot? ) and tried on lots of their perfumes!!! ha! it was a great mix of homeware, clothes and gorgeous gifts. The interior of the shop had us in awe also. Just loved it. Get yourself along, its our new fav!

Really must go, I still have loads to wrap, things to bake and people to see! much love and merry christmas, Topknot.


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