Sunday, 11 December 2011

Have yourself a merry little....

Well lassies, feeling incredibly sorry for myself and ill the last couple of days, I decided that the best thing to cheer myself up would be to inspire oneself with stunning christmas snaps, shabby chic crimbo interiors and then some gorgeous vintage inspired prop images. I won't be saying too much ( thank god I hear you yell ) as my head is currently swimming and the threat of being sick is very close to the rim. Nice I know, however, this will cheer me somewhat and I know you guys like some good pics to ooooh and aaaah at! Bow I will defo try those totties and let me know if the MAC primer is as good as people say it is!

Big fan of a great wee blog Inspired Mrs. Stevens and how she can create a vogue finish to whatever she does and I LOVED her take on a vintage inspired shabby chic crimbo! ahhhhhhhhhh....

Would you not just love a big christmas shin dig at this table and dining area? another great wee blog Cut'n Paste

Feast your eyes on some eye candy snaps via Alkemie blogspot and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Ah I feel better already!
Happy Holidays!!

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