Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lots Of Topknot Fun

Well hello there fun faces!

This years Halloween has been a good'n and it seemed like EVERYONE and their mothers took part and got rite into the spirit.... I am extra pleased as I ended up with lots of sweetie treats left over so it means more for meeeeeee!!!! haha, anyways, last night I was driving to my cousins house not far from my own and on the main road it was pitch black and silent with no people in sight. Not unusual you say, you're correct, but then I noticed these huge eyes gleaming from the shine of my car head lights. Standing there staring at me was this massive massive dog! with no owner and no lead, did I mention it was MASSIVE? Halloween aswell, mental. 

Ok lately I baked Empire biscuits and Butter melt biscuits so being the kind kind person that I is. I thought I would post them so you guys can have a try. Empire biscuits first, and who doesn't love these?

 Ok next post will be the gorgeous Butter melt biscuits!!!

Some outfit inspiration for today is........ 

These outfits are fab girls, well done!

Peace out!

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