Thursday, 3 November 2011

Just chatting

Well hello there my little chunky monkeys. I'm doing a few things simultaneously today. Firstly I'm trying to gut the flat because my mother in law (without the law) is coming to dinner. I won't be there but still, there has been smoked fish made in this house (not by me) in the last few days. Boke. Next I'm sitting watching ugly Betty and drinking coffee. I'm also trying to get ready for work and investigate what I'll need to buy to wear to work tonight. Yes I know I work for a fashion company (I got the job!!!) but I don't start to wear uniform for another week and have to try and not wear the same outfit every day (whatever I wear needs to be nice and smart, but not overly so, and must also be plain enough that noone will admire it too much or ask where I got it)...I'm also thinking about last minute preparations for the family get together this weekend. This happens every year, and involves stunning gorgeous cousins and a swimming I reckon some nice new nail varninsh, a bit of body brushing and maybe some fake tan? I'm not sure but the pool with my whitish blue body as it is won't be pretty...Of course it must be noted that I am also writing this blog post which is setting me back muchos much. I wanted to leave in half an hour. No chance. I wish I'd tried your shorts a couple of weeks ago knotty one, that might have made a difference!

Ooft, I'm off to get ready. I'm doing some research in to body brushing and the wonders it can achieve, a post about it will be coming soon...

Fringeypops xx

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