Tuesday, 22 May 2012

sunshine chillin'

Hi wee chickadee chappies. I don't know whether you noticed but the SUN IS SHINING!!! It's fanfreakintastic and it makes me soooooo happy. Today was a day of strolling (in heels), drinking cold iced coffees and (shhhhhhh) eating chips. What could be better?! I'll get the wee topknot to add a picture, for some reason I didn't take ANY today. What's that about? We were saddened to see the closure of quite a few boutiques and cafes and things round about the west end. It's so sad to see things go. But hey, if you don't visit I guess they just need to go. I must be honest and say I hadn't visited in quite a while. That's the way the cookie crumbles chums.

Today, I most wish I was dressed like this...

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