Monday, 5 March 2012

Inspired by eat learn love.....

Inspired by my friends amazing food blog I decided to share an old post from the coffee blog about my mothers fail safe curry recipe and how it can be applied to ANY curry atall. I have passed this on to lots of people who seem to be having great success with it and I am glad to be sharing my wee mothers cooking techniques. Just realised it has been ages since I baked so I defo need to get the finger out and get some good soul food on the go!

Doreen's Fail Safe Masala

2 small Onions
6 tbsp Olive Oil
Cube of Garlic
Cube of Ginger
Tsp of Garam Masala
Tsp of Salt
Tsp of Haldi
Tsp of Chilli powder
Dried Methi

That's it!

Dice the onions into thin slices and add to pot.
Add olive oil and turn pot on a medium/low heat.
Allow onions to go soft and then add your garlic and ginger.
Follow this with all the spices and dried methi.
Allow gentle cooking to fuse all the spices oil and onions.
The smell should indicate ( pure heaven ) and that is it.
This is your basis for your curry.
Add anything you like and water the masala more if you like a thin runny gravy or if you like it thicker keep it the way it is already adding little spoons of water if cooking meat.
The combinations are endless and from that base you can cook any curry you can think of!!

Ok I am SO in love ( yes, love I said ) with Bakerella and constantly check it for baking inspiration in the hope that it makes me wake up AMAZING at baking one day. I am going to try these wee puppies as soon as I get that finger out I was talking about earlier and buy my ingredients. Check out their site for gorgeous and inspiring recipes of all kinds aswell as decorating fun to boot. If I could hold it ad hug the wee rascal! 

As we all know I love nothing more than a bit of distressed furniture and home interiors and the charisma it emulates is something that I cannot describe apart from with the term, historical, regardless of the era, the year or the previous owners ( be it nobody ) an interior or image that hits you with pure atmosphere is something that I seek out and I now know it is because I want to be a part of it, or have a part of it. I have started to surround myself at home with images that make me feel certain things and I must admit it is beginning to rub off on me. I read another blog everyday called Decor8 and the latest post has beautiful images that were blogged about to celebrate the launch of Muroband - by Jason Grant and I just had to share one of them with you. I urge you to get involved with Decor8 the blog is amazing! Here was my favourite image from that post! Another exquisite image I saw on Poetic Home ties in with the image from Decor8 and it makes me want to recreate this scene in my own home, where I have no idea and also my hubby would be like...... Topknot what the hell do you need all those for? anyways, here they are, enjoy!

Inspired by a beautiful ballerina friend and the sirens of the 50's I am wanting to try the roll fringe as I cannot think of a more sexier way to wear your hair, instant glam and teamed with red lips and red nails! wah, watch everyone around you faint. I love all the celebs who have sported this look also, I am feeling totally inspired!

I keep going on to my other half how the wall behind our bed is completely bare ( no idea why? ) and that I would love to do something with it but just cannot decide what. Once committed to something it is indeed a done deal and one I cannot go back on, therefor I have to think about it carefully. I started looking at images of  D.I.Y headboards and picked out a couple that I liked.Which one is your guy's favourite? Let me know!

 Not sure about the safety of this but the idea is stunning!

 Chalkboard paint in a headboard shape is a great idea and messages written all over it sounds ace!

And of course an antique style mirror shaped like a headboard is a charming idea also!

Oh a quick note before I log off to watch TINTIN yay! have you seen Julian Hakes latest shoe designs? or should I say architecture? eye catching to say the least and not the bit practical at all I would imagine, however amazing none the less! These beauties deemed The ' Mojito shoe ' are made from one continuous piece that wraps the wearers foot but with no support for the area of the foot between the heel and the ball. Surfacing at London's fashion week, these shoes are going to be the talk of the fashion world for sure!

Ok I am away to watch TinTin and relax for a bit! much love and catch you guys soon!



  1. Stealing Doreens curry recipe, loving the antiqued mirror headboard and have been looking for such a mirror for my hall-for ages(we're talking months and months!) and buying the shoes for ornamental purposes. :)

  2. The shoes are getting bought and tested in Glasgow on a night out!