Tuesday, 13 March 2012

An inspiration post for just now....

Just a few bits and pieces for some inspiration, mostly images and the like. All images are borrowed from here there and everywhere and I credit anyone whom I have borrowed them from. If you would specifically like to be credited and I have not done that ( for reasons such as, I simply do not know or cannot find the source ) then please feel free to email me with the deets. Ok here goes hobos.

First off, an Olsen outfit inspiration. Only because today I feel really crap, and do not even feel like bothering putting together an ensemble to go to work. However, this casual outfit by Mk Olsen has inspired me to get on it. Casual or not. Image is from Olsens Anonymous as I j'adore the blog!

This outfit inspiration is for a few reasons, I bloody love her hair and there is a Vivien Westwood tartan jacket in the mix. Also I know Fringe and  Bow LOVE her and I have become to love her just as much.

Zooey Deschanel

Loving Kate Bush at the moment! And this video!

I am in utter LOVE with bunting of any kind used in anyway!!!

Seriously hearting these House Of Holland pom pom earings at £50 whoppers!

Kind of wanting to get LOTS of these slipper loafers in metallic coloures and amaze fabrics!

My outfit for today inspired by two pics above.

Love Love


  1. Haha! You know what, I nearly bought some
    of those wee flatties but I looked like I was channeling my inner Hugh Hefner!! F xx

  2. Fact that they feel inspired by Hugh makes me want them even more!!!! X