Wednesday, 11 January 2012

To do list rejig... on my to do list today was a hefty list of important and must be done things. To be fair I did the ones I really didn't want to do, but the must clean out my wardrobe fell by the wayside. Instead I picked myself up, dusted myself down after the truly awful calls to the horrible electricity company and made myself the etsy shop I've been promising to make for ages. To be fair I maybe should have waited till all my productss were ready but I thought, well, why? Just do it now you procrastinating procrastinator! So I did. The skincare products listed so far are my favourite and absolute necessities in life, so they went on first.

The most important in my opinion is the citrus and almond oil cleansing balm and I have been using it for years. I stopped using it and changed to a big brand for a few weeks (Christmas pressie) and now I'm nursing a spot. Raging. So I'm back on it and making sure you all know about it too. All you have to do is take a pea sized amount of the (completely natural and preservative free) balm and rub all over your make up and dirt covered face. It's so natural you can even take off mascara with it and give it all a good rub. Everything that shouldn't be on your face will melt away as soon as you take your lovely clean flannel, soak it in hot water and wring it out. Then the lovely steamy (but now not too hot after its been wrung out) facecloth can be used to wipe away every last trace of grime. The oils in the balm will keep your skin moisturised and dewy all night long and the beeswax will protect your skin against bad weather and environmental baddies.

The rose moisturiser is completely natural too, so much so that I would recommend it be kept in the fridge. This makes it extra cooling and refreshing on your tired skin, combatting redness and inflammation. The avocado oil is great for lined and wrinkled skin as it is packed with vitamin e. I recommend you use this daily and left on without using make up after for a few hours on any sneaky days off you have to give yourself a bit of a rest.

Well there we go. Have a look, give it a try and thank me later ;)

100% natural super citrus cleansing balm

Fringe xxx

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