Sunday, 15 January 2012

D.I.Y, Blogs and me.....

As you guys know I am hooked on Pinterest, constantly searching loving and finding fantastic blogs and dribbling at the thought, of a D.I.Y or crafty tutorial. So I decided to display my love for all things I accumulate instead of hoarding them more often than I do and keep you guys on my wavelength so that my babbling is not as harsh on your ears as usual. 

Ok, I came across a gorgeous blog More Design Please and I sat all night looking through every section clapping at every page I clicked on (worrying eh? ) and I mostly enjoyed the D.I.Y section as I was looking for bridal shower ideas and came across a gorgeous tea party idea that looked exquisite.I also came across a nifty little idea on how to pimp your laptop which if is not inspiration enough to sit and punch out your work then I do not know what is!The food section is so prettily set out that the imagery itself makes you want to be involved and I have vowed to try a few of the recipes as soon as I can. The decor section left me agitated to the point I felt like exploding and itching to crack out the tutorials and try everything that she suggests, as it simply is a fantastic wee bundle of cracking decor/d.i.y fun. There is literally something for every need/desire within this blog and I cannot recommend it enough. It is my blog love today so please check out her blog and ideas and tell her I said hello from here! ALL IMAGE BEAUTY FROM HER BLOG, ALL CREDIT TO HER AND HER SOURCES. * claps again *

Inspired Once Again

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