Thursday, 24 November 2011

Oh no...

Something terrible has happened. I have been introduced BEFORE PAYDAY to Missguided and I'm pretty sure topknot you had told me about it, but this time I was right needing a look at lovely dresses! I was vulnerable girls, and ripe for the picking. But then, I looked. And the dresses were all under about £20! Sooooo...I have a huuuuge wish list and I think I will treat myself to a few bits and pieces every now and again. My wardrobe so desperately needs a real shake up, an injection of some lovely smart pieces that I can mix and match with older things. Actually, if I'm honest I'm at a stage where if my wardrobe went on fire (a controlled fire obviously) I would only care about my actual wardrobe itself. It's a beautiful vintage three door affair. Beautiful. So, here are a few pieces I like girls. Have a look yourself if you're feeling a bit like me on the old fashion front.

And that's not even mentioning the shoes...mmmmm, shoes...Got to run, time to make pennies to buy pretty dresses!

Fringe xxx

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