Sunday, 20 November 2011

Country living!

Hiya lovelies, how are you all? its been a really long long day. I hope yours went better and less depressing than mine did? being a 999 operator has made my brain melt and my face hurt and my whole being totally cynical and difficult to rouse into much of any emotion that ain't bewilderment or annoyance. I at times have no faith in humanity. So much so I considered many ways of offing myself with a keyboard and a crap headset for weaponry. Today was one of those days. But after my brilliant omelette and diluted juice i'm sat, watching UP (gets me everytime) whilst trying to gather all the bits and bobs of info I have collected across the last week or so and there's not a suicide note in sight! 

So a really cool thing happened to my mother in law and I managed to also reap the benefits of a great wee win she had! She entered a competition and won herself two tickets to the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair in Glasgow's SECC.And I was lucky enough to be asked along and bloody hell it was out of this world. I snapped as many pictures for you lot as I could get away with and grabbed lots of flyers and info on the stalls and products that caught my eye aswell. Remember Fringe my deliriously happy walk I did in New York? Well it appeared again in here.With much bravado I might add. Ok I will put up my snaps and some links to just a few of the excellent and very highly rated sellers at the market and you guys can have a nosey.

Woooooooooo! lots of pics!
Here are some links to some of the best stalls that I seen while on my wonders around the hall.

First off .V.N.T.G Designs which specialises in absolutely gorgeous handmade products off all kinds and I hovered around the stall for AGES! The gift package of 3 notebooks for £22 all bowed and labelled up caught my eye immediately. Please get yourself over to the website and be amazed for yourself.

Another stall that stole my wee heart was a charming company called The Lawn, a contemporary tea shop that will knock your stockings off! With teas such as Colonial and Rhubarb Patch, there is something special for everyone, tea lover or not. The packaging is gorgeous and I vow anyone not to love it themselves. Grab an unusual gift from here to show off to your fancy folks!

Not your usual pick however I received a sachet of  ECOVER non bio washing powder and I poked my nose in a little further as to what other products they produced. I was well chuffed to read that they have all sorts of eco friendly cleaning detergents and household cleaners in an array of gorgeous scents such as grapefruit and green tea. Not only are they eco friendly and sustainable, the packing is also pretty too. Go on, have a try!

Ok, you might have noticed above some wrapping pictures and wrapped soap, well within the show every so often someone would run a craft workshop, either a show and tell or a how to, and I managed to squeeze my ass into three of them. The first one in the morning was a lovely young lady from Neals Yard in the west end of Glasgow doing a tutorial on how to make face balm which was heavenly. After a short break another lady taught us all how to wrap Christmas gifts to perfection! Jane Means whizzed through all different types of shapes, sizes, papers, decoration and unusual ways to give your Christmas gifts that extra VA VA VOOM this year. This lady was not only fabulous and nice to boot, she also has been flown all over the world wrapping for folk like Christian Dior. How bloody fancy eh? Love it. The last tutorial we went to was given by a woman who goes by the name of Karon H Grieve and she can be found at So Easy Life which is a quirky website dedicated to all things herbal, handmade and tasty too! great ideas for gifts and freezing, aswell as combinations of flavours and ingredients I would never of even thought to put together. I recommend them all!

Another couple of ladies that caught my eye were the ladies from Orli massage candles as the products were simply different. What they were selling were gorgeous scented candles in all beautiful vapours and not only could you burn them to scent a room, but also use the candle oil for massaging the body too! all you have to do is light the candle and wait, while the cocoa and shea butters mix with the vitamin E and melt into a massage oil and walla., drizzle that baby onto any parts you are having massaged and call yourself a goddess! brilliant gift idea and the scents were to die for.

A cracking event and the food was a high point I would recommend this one to anybody! it was Shabby Chic heaven and I was in my element. That is all for now girlies I am off to lay this weary head wherever there may be a comfy space, but I shall return. Very soon and also with hopefully, even more ideas, product reviews and places to visit. For now though I bid you farewell * falls flat on face *

Much love.

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